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Hashtags on Pinterest? Yes, please!

Life is really not fair sometimes.

I'm creating the most pointed, funniest, prettiest graphic, but please, please, please do not use hashtags on Pinterest, and then Pinterest will suddenly find hashtags good again.

Just because.

Well now. Therefore ... slight change of plan:

If you haven't had much to do with Pinterest before or, let's say, lived under a rock, you may not have a clue how strange this recommendation sounds to the die-hard Pinterest nerds. Because between us: Using hashtags on Pinterest has been a big no-go so far.

But ... we are flexible.

So now everything you should know about hashtags on Pinterest (including the official Pinterest hashtag recommendation) comes in this blog article.

Hashtags on Twitter and Instagram

Let's start with the networks on which we've always enjoyed hashtags: Twitter and Instagram

The use of hashtags has always made sense here. Because hashtags are used on these networks to Categorize content and thus searchable close.

If you click on a hashtag on Instagram or Twitter, you will be shown all posts that have been tagged with that hashtag. What Twitterans have written about the season finale of Game of Thrones, for example, can be found by searching for the hashtag #GameofThrones. If I want to give myself the full roar of Monstera, I search for #Monsteramonday on Instagram and can make myself comfortable with over twenty-six thousand snapshots of the cult plant and a coffee.

You can also use hashtags to network more easily with people who share your interests.

Hashtags on Pinterest

By contrast, hashtags on Pinterest were kind of ... pointless. It's not about networking and exchanging like-minded people on Pinterest. And content is also organized here using Categories. (By the way: Have you already assigned your boards to a category?)

Until mid-2017, Pinterest users were advised to be “careful” with hashtags. According to Pinterest, hashtags are more likely to cause confusion among Pinterest users than have a specific use for Pinterest. That is why they recommended a maximum of two hashtags per pin description, if at all, and then ideally only the business name or the tagline. More than two hashtags were suspected of having a negative impact on the Pinterest ranking. So nothing with "#balkon #balcony #balconygarden #outdoor #boho #greenliving" when you pin a photo of a balcony.

If you didn't want to risk anything, you have completely dispensed with hashtags on Pinterest.

Until now.

On August 18, 2017, Pinterest marketing strategist Vanessa Kynes published a blog article in which she talked about her visit to the Pinterest headquarters in San Francisco (source).

Her conversation with the Pinterest partner manager Jackie, in addition to familiar ones (vertical graphics), caused a sensation: Pinterest is now officially encouraging users to use hashtags.

Not necessarily because Pinterest now wants to be the new Instagram, but because hashtags are now part of marketing, like good butter on bread. (The printing of stamps certainly contributed a lot to this, too.)

The Pinterest hashtag status quo

Let's see what you can and can't do with hashtags on Pinterest right now.

Hashtags in the search mask

You can search for hashtags in the Pinterest search mask and Pinterest will suggest hashtags to you with the autosuggest function.

If you press Enter, the results that Pinterest will give you are all pins:

In the hashtag search you cannot (yet?) Search explicitly for "All Pins", "Your Pins", "Users" and "Pinboards" as you can with a search without hashtags:

The guided search does not yet work with the hashtag search either.

(Update July 2020: For some time now you can no longer search for hashtags on the web or in the Pinterest app.)

Hashtags in the company name

Hashtags in the company name are not clickable and therefore do not make sense.

Hashtags in the pin description

Hashtags in the pin description have always been clickable. Nothing has changed about that either. If you use a hashtag in the pin description, it will be highlighted in blue.

If you click on one of these hashtags, you will initiate a new search:

This means that pins with the same hashtag - basically like on Instagram and Twitter - are linked to each other.

(Update July 2020: At the moment, hashtags can only be clicked in the Pinterest app.)

It is noticeable that pins that have been tagged with hashtags tend to perform poorly. You can see this from the fact that the results from the search process "#invitation" were only very rarely repeated.

In contrast, you get much more successful pins if you just search for "invitation":

Hashtags in board titles, board descriptions + hashtags in the short info

Hashtags in bulletin board titles and descriptions as well as in the tooltip are not clickable. They do not appear in the search either.

The first hashtag recommendations

So far so good.

But what does that mean in practice?

Back to Vanessa's interview with Pinterest partner manager Jackie. She uses it herself in her campaigns a hashtag, and exclusively at the end of the pin description

If you want to collect your own hashtag experiences, you should at best test moderately and maybe a handful of pins With one to three hashtags Mistake.

(Update July 2020: Pinterest now recommends 3–5 hashtags at the end of the pin description.)

Analogous to keywords, I recommend you to do this

  • to use German hashtags (after all, you want to draw the attention of German-speaking Pinterest users to you)

  • Avoid too broad hashtags (#love) and use long-tail keywords instead

Best practice

I have summarized the most important tips for your hashtags below (as of July 2020).


Type of hashtags

Pinterest expressly recommends specific, descriptive and relevant hashtags to use. These can be timeless hashtags like #interiordesign, but also seasonal hashtags like #halloween, #christmas etc.

For you, this means: Don't just use 20 hashtags of your choice, but think carefully about which hashtags best describe the pin.


Location of the hashtags

The fact remains: hashtags are still only in the pin description clickable. So there is little point in using them anywhere else.


Number of hashtags

Use 3-5 hashtags at the end of the pin writing.



It is also exciting what hashtags mean for the Pinterest search: When a Pinterest user searches for a hashtag, it appears newest pin with the hashtag at the top of the search results. If someone searches for the exact same term without the hashtag, then it works familiar Pinterest algorithm

What this means for you: If you have just started with Pinterest, hashtags are a great way for you to land at the top of the search results. (Assuming, of course, that someone searches for your hashtags.)


All right? Then nothing stands in the way of using hashtags on Pinterest.