What are some earphones with good bass

The world of bass headphones

Bass headphones there are a dime a dozen. Headphones with bass are available in all conceivable colors in unusual shapes and in many designs - headphones with a lot of bass are also available made of a wide variety of materials - some are well suited for sports, others for relaxing music on the couch, especially when it comes to headphones a lot of bass and an exciting action film or bass-heavy music is played.

There are bass headphones with a deep bass that emphasize certain musical styles and help others with their functions to face the day in a more structured way.

Anyone who loves bass-heavy music cannot avoid it. Bass headphones are in abundance. Inexpensive and expensive. Headphones with bass that are specialized for thick beats and thus perfectly emphasize the thumping sound. There are also bass headphones that cover other sounds wonderfully.

For sport or in the office - in blue or gray. As in-ear, on-ear or over-ear. From Beats, Bose to Sennheiser and even a Bang & Olufsen you can no longer do without them.



Big beats already existed in the 80s and especially 90s as hip hop, rap and break beats.
And as nice as it was back then to enjoy your favorite music portable with a walk or discman. However, something was missing. The individual sound images were not really represented differently.

Before the situation changed, however, a few hurdles had to be overcome and another
little time goes by. At the beginning of the 90s, going to a club was becoming increasingly popular. DJs obviously needed a tool with which they could work out the characteristics well. But the first real hype about bass headphones was triggered by Beats.


Function and mechanics of headphones with bass

Almost all headphones, with the exception of a few exotic ones, have a capacitor and a membrane. The tones are processed and dosed in the condenser. This then makes the membrane vibrate. Because of the fast and short swing, rather high frequencies are generated. We take these as high notes.

With deep tones, which we know as bass, the membrane swings out long or far. If they swing wide and fast now, you get the classic sound. We know this right now with hip hop or electro.

You can't create a lot of bass with a small diaphragm. With a large membrane, no heights. Therefore, most headphones have different boxes or hybrid models built into them. Bass headphones usually only have mid-range speakers and woofers. These headphones are supposed to reproduce the lower frequencies. The midrange drivers can also reproduce high tones, but not as well as the specialized tweeters.


But what also plays a major role is the design - especially when it comes to bass.
There is over-ear, on-ear, in-ear and all of them have their place. But for Bass headphones not every shape is equally suitable. Therefore, we will go into more detail here.


Headphones and their types

Over ear / closed design of the shells of a headphone

Over-ear headphones are those headphones that completely or almost completely close the ear cups. In the best case, the ear does not touch the membrane in the headphones, or only very little.

It is best if only the foam, i.e. the foam, touches the head. Thanks to their large design, over-ear headphones offer plenty of space for technology. In addition, the vibrating membranes can produce the sound and bass in a very versatile way.

Due to the large design, you can also build in more drivers so that you can cover every spectrum of the sound image. But bass headphones usually have mid-range speakers and woofers. The midrange speakers cover the high and middle ranges with their short and medium-long swing. With their long swing, the woofers ensure the beautiful sound.

With over-ear headphones, the membrane can vibrate very far and thus the bass becomes even deeper and more distinctive with bass headphones. In addition, with over-ear headphones, additional technology is usually built in to improve and mix the sound.

In the case of Beats, the M1 chip is installed here, which is not only responsible for the connections. In addition, it measures the environment via the built-in sensors and adjusts the sound. So you get a perfect and unadulterated sound.

But other manufacturers also offer solutions that go beyond the old analog technology. In addition to the Beats Studio 3, the Bose Quiet Comfort 35 cut a great figure in the area of ​​pure and beautiful bass. They are really good bass headphones that also have a nice sound in the other spectrums.

Thanks to the closed design of the over-ear headphones, a slight overpressure builds up in the ear cups. This is then used by the headphones to make the bass more voluminous and characteristic.

Over ear headphones and the surrounding area

Thanks to the closed installation space, the outside world is much better shielded. As a result, there is a kind of barrier that the sound has to penetrate from the outside.

And at the same time, the environment is less noticeable. Over ear headphones are usually robust and heavier than the alternatives. But they have the advantage that there is plenty of space for technology. So if you want to have the best sound, you can't avoid this design.

This design is the most common and best suited for most types of music. In addition, over-ear headphones are the most versatile. They are used during sports, in the studio, at work or on the train.


On Ear / The cushion of a headphone rests on the auricle

On ear is pretty much the first design since headphones were built. On-ear headphones are also suitable as bass headphones. Since on-ear are usually smaller, they naturally have less space for the technology and membrane.

Since the membrane vibrates less here, it is more difficult to play the very deep and rich bass. In addition, there is less air between the headphones and the auricle. This in turn means that it is more difficult to produce many different tones thanks to the air. On-ear headphones have the advantage that they are significantly lighter.

On ears still give off a very nice and rich sound and the ears do not tire so quickly under them. They are not very suitable as ANC headphones, as the more open design is not really helpful here.

But they are still a good alternative to over-ear and are also suitable as bass headphones. On ear are very suitable for DJs or simply relaxing on the couch.


in ear headphones

In-ear headphones are the smallest and lightest headphones on the market. You can also get a nice sound image, albeit with different mechanisms. They are designed to be inserted directly into the ear canal.

This shields the outside world very well and you get a different sound. Due to the design, the membrane cannot vibrate much. So the in-ear headphones use the positive pressure in the ear canal to generate your sound. Bass-heavy music in particular has a very direct sound, which makes them very suitable as bass headphones.

Today's in-ear headphones also have a lot to offer and have changed a lot compared to their beginnings. Many models have sensors that measure air pressure in order to adjust the sound. Or light sensors that determine whether the headphones are taken out. This will automatically pause playback when they are removed from your ears. Some headphones with bass have special additional functions such as automatic measurement of the ears. The Apple Air Pods Pro bring this feature with them.

Since not all ears are the same, they always come to the customer with different attachments. These are removable and can be cleaned. For reasons of space in most headphones, most of the information is processed in the smartphone and transferred to the headphones.

So in-ear are a good alternative to over and on-ear, even if the sound is not as versatile as with the other alternatives, they still don't need to hide.


In-ear bass headphones with headband or ribbon

They combine all the advantages of the wireless in ear and have an additional advantage. Cordless in-ears usually have a very good hold, but during active sport the temple versions provide additional stability.

Since in-ear's always consist of 2 separate headphones, the connection can fluctuate. The cable minimizes the problem. And as it should be for a good in-ear, they are still very light and tend to bring out the middle and low tones.


Sound and sound patterns of a bass headphone

Sound and sound image is always very subjective. You can measure frequencies, but how someone likes a sound image differs from ear to ear and everyone perceives different facets as being more or less important to them.

That is why studies are made by the manufacturers in which they try to find the greatest possible taste. Headphones, regardless of type or manufacturer, are set at the factory. The factory settings can sometimes have a rather neutral or warm bassy sound.

So if you say typical beats then you can assume that the headphones sound more towards the middle and bass. Beats are usually very pounding bassy. A Bose Bass headphone is focused on the middle and still nice and punchy.

SONY headphones with bass tend to offer a neutral but clear sound. If you now tend in a certain direction, you have to understand that the player you are playing from plays a major role. In addition, the individual profiles and equalizers.

With Equalizer you get the best out of your headphones. And can change the factory sound pattern well and adapt it to your own needs. You won't get studio headphones for mixing music out of bass headphones, but you can get the best out of them.


The right headphones for every beat

Due to their design, over-ear headphones have the greatest potential for good bass headphones. Right behind are in-ear headphones, they offer many of the advantages of small headphones. At the same time, they also cover a wide spectrum of bass-heavy sounds.


Headphones with deep bass

Over ear

There are many good headphones that have deep bass. The Beats Studio Wireless are definitely one of them. Excellent workmanship and modern design at the same time. Perfect handling and very good grip in agile everyday life. Thanks to the app, you can control the bass very deeply and it is very complex. A perfect companion if you want to enjoy many spectrums of bass.

In-ear bass headphone variants

The Apple Air Pods Pro are not only characterized by their excellent workmanship. They also offer a very sophisticated acoustic system and take the bass in in ears to a new level.


Headphones with a lot of bass

Over ear

Can't there be enough bass? Then you can't get around the SONY MDR-XB950N1. Solid workmanship and simple design. Beautifully light and extremely soft ear cups do their best for the wearing comfort. Harmoniously coordinated factory sound and for the extra bass there's a button that fires off fireworks on the ears. A lot of bass is really a lot of bass.


In-ear bass headphones

The Powerbeats Pro from Beats don't have to hide either. They even have the great advantage that they are attached to the ear with brackets and thus sit securely even during active sports and do not fall out of your ears.


What does the future hold?

One might think the subject of bass headphones has been exhausted and exhausted, but one is mistaken. The manufacturers still have some ideas that will come to us in the near and distant future.

The apps are becoming more versatile and adapt better to us. Basses become even more versatile and sound images are separated more finely. This gives them the opportunity to get the sound across even better. You experiment with other positive pressures that are generated in the ear, cooling and sensors.

ANC headphones are also getting more and more popular and better in headphones with a lot of bass too. People are also trying to improve telephony with more and better microphones. Novel materials are being tested to make them even more comfortable to wear.

All together an exciting area and it is always worth stopping by to find out about new models and trends.


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