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Do without with pleasure: 25 light fasting recipes

Fasting recipes for breakfast

Berry smoothie bowl

A berry rarely comes alone. Especially not if you make a fruity smoothie out of it like Dani and Michael. All you have to do is pour into a bowl, top with pomegranate, walnuts, desiccated coconut and cocoa nibs - the fasting breakfast is ready. To the recipe

Energy balls

Take a banana, dried apricots, a handful of cashew nuts, oatmeal, chia seeds, some fresh ginger and roll everything into handy balls. The result: sweet energy balls made from the best ingredients for a snack between meals. To the recipe

Green antioxidant smoothie bowl

Fasting, detox ... whatever you call it - you are definitely right with Janine's green power bowl. Thanks to banana, spinach, dates and almonds, the spoonful smoothie not only satisfies the morning's cabbage, but also provides you with the nutrients you need for the day. To the recipe

Avocado coconut skyr in a glass

Without breakfast, without you - even during Lent, of course. But instead of sugary cornflakes, jam bread or pancakes, there is now a whole glass full of cool Skyr. Mixed with avocado and layered in a glass with fresh berries and coconut flakes. To the recipe

Light salads

Lentil salad with tahini dressing

What can you conjure up from lentils, radishes, tomatoes, green peas, dill and juicy grapefruit? A colorful salad, for example, as the foodistas impressively demonstrate with their delicious creations. To the recipe

Colorful kale salad with hummus

When searching for the best salad dressing, Denise couldn't get past hummus. It goes well with fresh kale, crunchy celery, cranberries and walnuts. Who misses side dishes with so much creaminess? To the recipe

Asian noodle salad

A bowl of Asia, please. What has to go in there? Glass noodles are a must at Ines. And ginger, red cabbage., Peppers, carrots, chillies and coriander. And let's not forget teriyaki sauce. A few crispy fried onions on top - the Asia bowl is ready. To the recipe

Chicken salad with peppers and kiwi

Kiwi in a salad? Oh yeah! The sweet and sour fruit in combination with paprika, chicken burst, coriander, rocket and salad is very welcome in Tobias ‘Lunchbox. Add a little fresh bread and you will be hungry in no time. To the recipe

Green superfood salad with quinoa

Super fit with superfood - do it like the foodistas and just feed your superpowers. With a little quinoa, okra pods, pea aubergines and spring onions, the salad bowl in energetic green is full of power. To the recipe

Chicory boat with curry chicken salad

Are you skeptical about chicory? Then maybe let me teach you better again. After a bite of Corinna's vegetable boat, you'll soon be the biggest chicory fan. Not least because the vegetables are particularly tasty thanks to the curry chicken salad and crunchy hazelnut filling. To the recipe

Winter salad with pumpkin, apple and feta

Colorfully colored, Stefanie's salad puts you in a good mood, even on gray winter days, just by looking at it. What you need for a bit of happiness in the freezing cold: endive salad, carrots, apples, mushrooms, pumpkin and spicy feta. To the recipe

Detox Kale Salad Bowl

Fasting without meat and animal foods? With this vegan bowl full of kale, avocado, edamame and tofu, it all goes by itself. If "renunciation" is always so tasty, you are only too happy to treat yourself to a second and third fork, right? To the recipe

Fasting recipes for soups and warm main dishes

Vegan beetroot soup

You can also do without it during Lent! Christine thought that too and simply cooked her gaudy beetroot soup without any animal products. Instead of cream, you can put plenty of coconut milk and a little ginger in the pot. To the recipe

Cauliflower with chickpeas and pomegranate seeds

Nike likes soul food. Preferably it should always be a large portion. When it comes to her beloved cauliflower from the oven, which romps around with chickpeas and pomegranate in the baking dish, she is all the more pleased. To the recipe

Pilaf with pumpkin and peas

Cook basmati rice together with cardamom, cinnamon and the like, various vegetables and dried fruits in a saucepan - the traditional pilaf is ready. With pumpkin, peas and mint a real aroma bomb for the taste explosion in the mouth. To the recipe

Pea and rocket soup

No more winter cold - bring spring into your glass! With only 5 ingredients you wave goodbye to snow and ice. The light soup in chic green lets you forget immediately with the first spoonful of woolen hat and cuddly socks. To the recipe

Baked salmon and green beans

Extra easy and extra tasty - that is the motto of this baked salmon. Marinated in a spicy honey-mustard marinade, Jessica puts it on a bed of green beans and then makes himself comfortable in the middle of his casserole dish. To the recipe

Egg muffins with vegetables

Muffins without flour? Or handy omelets from the muffin tin? No matter what you want to call them, Jasmin's little bites of eggs and colorful vegetables are and will remain simple, fluffy, light and at least as tasty. To the recipe

Salmon with zucchini and basmati rice

Tenderly cooked salmon, freshly fried zucchini and a portion of fluffy basmati rice with lemon balm - it doesn't always have to be complicated for Mara. After all, well-known classics always taste best. To the recipe