How exactly are you going on

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How do you go to Job?
Do you continue to School and then study to become a lawyer or a doctor?
To Cardiff to school, then the university to be a lawyer, is it, or a doctor?

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With your arm wound are you going nowhere.
Ye're no going anywhere with a wounded arm.
And then are you going to bed.
come on now, it's really back to the bunkhouse this time.
After all are you going not without a fight.
Well, at least you didn't go down without a fight.
Then are you going with her in your pretty apartment.
Juice bar, then the batting cages ... and then you'll ask her back to your apartment.
Now are you going really too far.
Now you've gone over a limit, Mats. answer the question.
After this weekend are you going voluntary.
By the end of this weekend, you'll quit.
Without me are you going nowhere, Cabrón.
You're not going anywhere without me, convertible.
also are you going to sunny Phoenix.
Besides, you're going to sunny Phoenix.
In three months are you going to the clinic.
In three months when you need a refill, take a bus to a free clinic.
Tomorrow morning are you going to the Great Lakes Association.
Tomorrow morning, you go to the Great Lakes Association.
Before are you going not answering the phone.
Don't answer the phone unless it around once first.
Therefore are you going now back and shoot something.
That's why you're going to go back out into this mess and shoot something.
Unaccompanied are you going not gone.
You will not go anywhere ... without an escort from now on.
Where are you going? -Nowhere.
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