Relationships are about responsibilities

How equality succeeds in a partnership

Yes, great "sharing of responsibility" Ms. Ryssel!
He has to do all the tedious work while you decorate the apartment and squander the money on gifts and holidays. With us, it's pretty much the same. It was not even mentioned who determines the standards here:
- This is required by law for car repairs.
-Decorations and gifts are voluntary and a matter of taste. So what if he doesn't want that at all?
-How clean it should be is also quite variable, but in many cases, like us, He doesn't have much to say. (Unless he's gay or Master Propper).
-Whether and how the excursions and meetings are necessary at all will usually be decided by her. Because often she cannot or does not want to participate in his undertakings.

_I made these observations in my life and environment. I find it very problematic when the privileged pretend to be disadvantaged. _Because you have apparently got used to your privileges and can therefore no longer exercise them. Here in Central Europe, women are definitely the privileged sex, as Ms. Ryssel's "sharing of responsibility" suggests. Men are only good for working and mending broken stuff ...

I am for equality for all people! With this modern hipster pseudo-feminism, we are moving society into a new medieval inequality.