Why is The Flash gone on Netflix

Is "The Flash" running on Netflix?

DC Comics' Arrowverse is at least partially represented on Netflix. But what about the availability of "The Flash"?

Netflix offers some DC series from the Arrowverse in the flat rate, including "Supergirl" and "Arrow". However, “The Flash” is not included. At this point we can only speculate about the reasons for this. However, we suspect that Netflix does not have the broadcasting rights for the superhero series in this country.

In Germany, the series usually starts first on pay TV on ProSiebenFun and some time later on free TV on ProSieben and ProSiebenMaxx. In addition, among other things, Amazon offers "The Flash" at least partially in the flat rate.

"The Flash" not on Netflix: These are the alternatives

Currently "The Flash" is only on Amazon Prime in the flat rate available. However, only the first five seasons can be seen there for free with an Amazon Prime subscription. The current sixth season can currently only be purchased there (as of November 11, 2020).

In addition, you can also find the series free of charge in the media library parallel to the broadcast on ProSieben. The offer is based on the current broadcast dates on ProSieben, which you can find at fernsehserien.de, among other places.

Alternatively, you can purchase all seasons including the sixth on DVD. In most cases, the DVD is even cheaper than the online stream.

Here you will find an overview of all available:


  • "The Flash" Season 1: Amazon (Prime subscription), DVD
  • "The Flash" Season 2: Amazon (Prime subscription), DVD
  • "The Flash" Season 3: Amazon (Prime subscription), DVD
  • "The Flash" Season 4: Amazon (Prime subscription), DVD
  • "The Flash" Season 5: Amazon (Prime subscription), DVD
  • "The Flash" Season 6: Amazon, DVD

We'll also keep you updated on the latest episodes in our Season 7 article.