What's something that rocks about being Australian

Rheinecker rock Australia

Rheinecker rock Australia

Up until now, Woodbridge's young rockers have mainly performed in Switzerland, but now drummer Pascal Kern, who grew up in Australia, has given them the chance to go on a “Rock Circus Tour” there.

RHEINECK / MELBOURNE. Anyone who sees and reads the reports from flooded Australia is happy not to be on the other side of the globe. But right there - and luckily escaped the flood - the young Rheineck-based Dominik Naef, Remo Cadalbert and Pascal Kern are currently known together with Benjamin Bruderer as the rock band Woodbridge. The three of them not only go on vacation Down Under, but from tomorrow they play in some of the best rock clubs in the country, supported by the Australian Simon Sherideen, who is taking over Brother's part. Woodbridge musically walk in the footsteps of bands like AC / DC, Guns 'n' Roses or Motörhead and mainly compose vintage rock. So it will be a special feeling for you to perform in the "Cherry Club" on the famous AC / DC Lane.

Flood prevents concerts

The “Rock Circus Tour” was made possible by drummer Pascal Kern. He has been in Melbourne since November, where he worked at Silvers Grand Magic Circus, which belongs to a friend of his family. For Kern, Australia is much more than just a holiday destination; it is his second home. He grew up in Canberra. After completing his apprenticeship, the automation technician now takes six months to rediscover the country. «Dominik and Remo wanted to take the opportunity to visit Australia. Playing for a strange audience is always an experience. So I went to the live music venues in Melbourne and was able to organize three concerts for that week, ”he says. Gigs in Sydney and Canberra are under negotiation.

Performances were also planned in Brisbane, but the flooding literally let them fall into the water. “The weather had been bad for a while and the tension and concern of the people was palpable. We left the city the day before the flood hit Brisbane. After four days of road trip in the van, we reached Melbourne. " There the three received the most beautiful Australian summer weather - something that not only Pascal, but also his father Philipp Kern missed in Rheineck. «That and the free thinking of the Australians. There is also huge solidarity there, and I was under much less pressure than in Switzerland - even though I worked hard. But at the weekend I was able to relax in the Pacific, ”enthuses Philipp Kern.

Dreamland that makes dreams come true

He and his wife left Switzerland in 1982 for Canberra. At first he worked there as a pastry chef in a five-star hotel, while his wife ran a hairdressing salon. The family later went into business for themselves and opened a bakery under the name “Swiss Bakehouse”. «We were very lucky that everything went so well. Australia was a dream country for us, in which our dream came true. " Nevertheless, the Kerns returned to Switzerland in 2000 - for the sake of their children's education. “They should have the same professional opportunities as we do, and that wasn't possible in Australia,” explains Kern.

The enthusiasm that the country still arouses in the core suggests that this was not the last time he was in Australia. “My wife and I both feel that we belong there. And I have some plans that I could realize there as a pensioner, »he says simply. It is also quite possible that the parents are then not the only family members in the land of the kangaroos. Because son Pascal also feels very comfortable there. «I am seriously considering living here one day. But I also like Switzerland - I'll let it come to me, I'm still young, ”he says with a smile. That's why he's enjoying his rock adventure with Woodbridge for the time being, who have a lot to do this year. "We're playing in Switzerland again this summer, and our first studio recordings are about to be released," says Kern happily. But Australia will be rocked first.