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Munich Medical Research School

The doctorate landscape in Germany has been in a state of upheaval for several years. Characterized by excellence, interdisciplinary and internationality, modern doctoral programs place complex demands on students and teachers, which make new organizational concepts necessary. Intensive and individual administrative support for the doctoral programs leads to better training, shorter doctoral times and a significantly greater international attractiveness of a doctorate in Germany thanks to the manageability of time and form.

The Munich Medical Research School (MMRS) is a central institution of the medical faculty of the LMU, under whose roof all doctoral degrees of the faculty in the fields of human medicine, dentistry, human biology and the natural sciences, as well as the Ph.D. Medical Research "will be merged.

One of the main tasks of the MMRS is to establish new focus areas in the Ph.D. Medical Research to promote the internationalization of the faculty. So far, the focus areas "International Health", "Oral Sciences", "Epidemiology and Public Health", "Lung Biology and Disease" and "Genomic and Molecular Medicine - Personalized Approaches to Childhood Health" have been offered.
In addition, doctoral students in graduate colleges and special research areas (SFBs) of the faculty have the opportunity to study within the framework of the Ph.D. Medical Research to earn her Doctor of Philosophy.

Located as a connecting structure between the individual doctoral committees and focus areas of the Ph.D. Medical Research, the MMRS consists of an office, a board of directors and a board of trustees. The doctoral office of the faculty is an organ of the MMRS.

The MMRS office of the Medical Faculty is the central point of contact for the establishment of a new Ph.D. Focus and the implementation of all doctorates in an advisory capacity.
Together with the doctoral office, she is responsible for the administration of all doctoral processes at the medical faculty. A central database of all doctoral candidates and reviewers is recorded and managed, admissions processed, examination matters organized, and certificates and certificates prepared and handed out.

The quality assurance of the Ph.D. Medical research in the areas of teaching, support and recruitment concepts is carried out in close cooperation with the Graduate Center, the central coordination and service facility for doctorates at the LMU. In this way, the MMRS can guarantee that all of the Ph.D. Medical Research consistently meet high standards.

By participating in several areas of focus in the Ph.D. Medical Research creates a range of events that offer doctoral students joint training at a high level, enable them to acquire interdisciplinary key qualifications and promote exchange between doctoral students from different disciplines.

In the long term, the MMRS is intended to further increase the visibility, attractiveness and quality of training at the LMU Medical Faculty in a national and international comparison.