What clothes have you regretted?

Sorting out wardrobe - Q&A

I mucked out again last night. I came across Marie Kondo's book "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up" three years ago, heard it as an audio book at some point and then radically cleared out my really large wardrobe - and this article here written. My attitude towards wardrobe and possessions is still similar, so please take a look in advance - just think about it, as I said, it was almost three years ago.

My purchase decisions have become much, much better since then, I buy little and select, and yet my wardrobe, which was so minimalist at the time, has become a little more again. Now I saw that Marie Kondo's book was being produced as a Netflix series and I took a look. I think the production is really awful, far too real-drama teardrop, but I remembered the actual method and its words in the book back then, which helped me so much back then.

So yesterday, for the first time in three years, it was "properly" sorted out. I still have exactly what is shown on the cover picture here, nothing in drawers, chests of drawers or boxes.

After I put the picture in the story, my inbox exploded with questions - so I thought to myself, I would write a Q&A on the subject. First of all: that's just my Approach to clothing and wardrobe. Much of what I say may sound radical and very pragmatic, but simple, timeless, clear outfits make me happy, I don't care much about trends. Of course, none of this applies to everyone and it certainly doesn't make everyone happy either, so just see the whole thing as an idea, as an insight into my attitude and afterwards think about whether you can take something with you and if so, what of it for you sounds feasible and would make your life easier.

What method do you use to sort out?

The approach to sorting out is, as I said, from Marie Kondo's first book. I take all, allClothes I own and put them on a big mountain. So you first see how much you actually own. Then take each part individually in your hand, look closely and consider whether you want to keep it. I keep what I wear often and with pleasure, what my favorite pieces are for certain occasions, what suits me well and what I feel good about.

Do you find it easy to part with pieces?

Goes so. With some it is completely clear to me that I haven't had the item on for a year and I don't like it anymore, so it's not a problem. Then of course there are also pieces that I think are super beautiful, that I really liked to wear at some point, maybe on a special day or something else - or that were expensive. I now had several gray sweaters in my hands, which I like very much, which I think are beautiful and which I really hated to give away. But I didn't even wear them all autumn and winter because they don't fit or please me 100% perfectly and I always tend to wear them the one perfect gray sweater grips. Then the others just come away and make someone else happy. I try to be mercilessly honest with myself - there's no point if they hang and dust and I don't put them on anyway. And even if you see a few hundred euros on your sorting pile during your first sorting campaign after a long time or even the equivalent of a few hundred euros (that's how I felt three years ago), that may hurt a little, but at the same time with every future one Remember your purchase decision and raise awareness even more.

What about pieces of sentimental value?

I also have some pieces that I will definitely never wear - for example. my prom dress. I allow myself that. However, I mostly try to tell myself that I don't need a material object for the best and most important memories, that helps.

How can you be sure that you don't like the parts anymore? Have you ever regretted giving something away?

If I think about a part for too long, I'll keep it. If I come across it again after a few weeks and still haven't had it on, I usually know what to do. I haven't regretted anything yet, because the parts that you have seldom or not worn at all tend to be forgotten relatively quickly anyway.

How do you buy new clothes?

I now only buy very little - if I do, then almost only second hand, especially jeans, denim shorts, hoodies, sweaters, basic T-shirts and tops. If I want or need something very specific, I also buy something regularly, but really only keep what firstly suits me perfectly or can be changed and I really like it.

How do you manage the budget - isn't it expensive to keep buying new things when you muck out so often?

I didn't quite understand the question - that's not what I'm doing. I sort out 1-2 times a year and then mostly only a few items and not with the aim of completely renewing my wardrobe, that's nonsense and completely against my actual thoughts. The aim of sorting out is not to be forced to give away as much as possible - but simply to think carefully about what you have been wearing in the past year, after all seasons and possible events. If you often carry your entire closet, like everything, often rediscovering a lot, then everything is fine. After sorting out, I don't buy anything new, I don't “fill up” again. It only comes out what I really no longer wear and need.

Do you stick to certain colors so that you can easily combine them?

Yessss - as many people may know and suspect and also see from my outfits, I almost exclusively wear black, gray, white and light blue denim. I almost always wear similar outfits and have exactly two pieces that are not black, gray or white and when I go shopping I also remember not to buy any other colors. I used to try enough colors, not worn them often enough, I have to wash them individually and they hardly go with any of my other things.

Do you only have basics or also more unusual pieces that you rarely wear?

I also have two or three slightly more unusual things for extraordinary events, but they fit perfectly and which I use again and again, even after years.

How do you manage to get by with so little? Don't you mind wearing the same thing often?

Not at all. I really like to wear everything I have, everything fits and I feel good in it. I don't think I have little, that's enough for me and not a limitation. Just because I have a rather minimalist style, I still enjoy getting dressed somehow - even if I wear black skinny jeans or light blue mom jeans with a hoodie or shirt or sweater on most days, that still gives me something good feeling. I never think about my outfit for more than 2 minutes in the morning, and I also have my four or five standard outfits for the evening. Since almost everything is black anyway, first of all it is not noticeable if I often wear the same - and besides, I feel so comfortable in everything that I prefer to wear the same three times on Saturdays than fooling around on some experiment the whole evening. Anyway, I don't understand where this urge to always have different outfits comes from and why you should have a problem with wearing the same often.

How do you wash I often have the problem of not filling the machine with my few favorite items, but still have to wash frequently because I don't have many alternatives.

I know the problem! I also have a lot of parts that I put on every week and need every week - if any of them get really dirty, I can't always wait for a machine to fill up. That is why the “less than 3 kg” function is perfect for me. But to be honest, I also wash all materials and black with all shades of gray - that usually works.

What do you do with the sorted out things?

If you don't want to sell your sorted out things, you usually face the problem - where to put it? After such an action, you want to get rid of everything that has been sorted out as quickly as possible. Hopefully everyone knows that containers for used clothes should be treated with caution - they are a very convenient way to go, they just often serve the wrong purpose. Many operators of used clothing containers resell the donations in developing countries, making good profits and often destroying the local textile trade on site. Therefore it is essential to check each operator in advance.

I don’t put anything in old clothes bins, but mostly give my sorted out things to family, sister, cousins, friends (and also often carry items that you have sorted out - just do a swap evening), I sell some and donate the rest mostly donate to women's shelters or to Caritas, always after a short telephone call to find out whether and where what is needed.


Sooo, that was a lot, friends. I hope I've covered and answered the most important things - if you miss something or have any questions, please feel free to put them in the comments below this post, so I can go into everything 🙂 Best regards!