What is project backup


Project backup

The bodies of knowledge hardly discuss responsibilities, and the aspect of project security is also neglected. Prince2, on the other hand, insists that these tasks be done. Regardless of whether it is carried out by the steering committee itself or delegated to project security - the responsibilities and authority to issue instructions are largely clarified at Prince2. The steering committee consists of three roles: the user representative (responsible for specifying the end result), the client (with overall responsibility for the project) and the supplier representative who is responsible for the quality of the products. The day-to-day business is delegated to the project manager. The supplier representative is authorized to give instructions to his employees, the user representative to the user employees. In this way, the superiors of the respective employees can be found in the steering committee. Those who have to decide do so - in the line as well as in the project. This does not allow personnel bottlenecks to be resolved. But they become decidable - and that is what matters. Because, as is well known, projects fail less because of technical problems, but more because of organizational problems.

Such questions are irrelevant for the client. He is only interested in the benefits of a project. A project is always only a means to an end. Whether it takes place at all or whether it is continued depends on the evidence of whether the benefit will be achieved. While the Bodies of Knowledge neglect this aspect, Prince2 divides a project into time segments, the so-called management phases, at the end of which the steering committee decides on the further course of the project. And this decision depends on whether the targeted benefit seems achievable or not.