Who would win Akuma or the Akastuki?


So Akuma and Deidara will be like before.
But when Sasuke also comes to Akatsuki, Deidara orders to stay away from him, because Sasuke's bigger brother is to blame for Akuma's almost death.

Deidara will unfortunately never forgive Itachi for this.
Akuma is still in love with sasuke and would die for him.
He feels the same.

A mission puts their lives at risk because they get caught in a trap.
Teamwork is what counts now.

You eventually manage to escape.
On return, Akuma confesses to sasuke her feelings for him and apologizes to him.
He forgives her and they start over.

Deidara and Itachi don't like it and they decide to separate the two again, but only make friends.

In the end, Akuma and Sasuke are a very strong duo.
Nobody can conquer them so easily.

Deidara loses his little sister again, if only mentally.
That's why he's looking for his team partner Sasori.

Against his will, he falls in love with the puppeteer.

And the puppet feels the same way.

The only problem is that neither of the two dares to confess his love to the other.

One day the blasting master couldn't take it anymore and told sasori about his feelings.

The puppeteer was surprised that his feelings were expanded and thus also gained the opportunity to lead a beautiful life.

All Akatsuki members are accepted back in their hometowns and now the question arises: Where should Deidara and Sasori go.

Akuma offered her brother and his friend that they could come to Konoha with him.

They liked this a lot and so they moved there.

Itachi and Obito also came to konoha and lived there.

The Uchihas lived with Akuma and Sasodei in a huge villa.

There was no more quarrel or war between villages or clans. Everything would be peaceful.

So they died too, peacefully and with love in their hearts.

- The end -

I hope you enjoyed how I ended the story. If not then I am sorry that it did not meet your wishes / has / had no idea how to say there. xD

Still have a good life.