How does an introvert fall in love

Why people who fall in love with introverts have the strongest relationships

There are certain qualities that make a relationship with an introvert so strong. And while these apply to any healthy relationship, they are of the greatest value and fundamental to someone who is introverted. A relationship with an introvert is created by building foundations and dismantling walls…. and what you destroy has to be rebuilt.

You will need to have a foundation of patience.

It will take time for an introvert to drop cover, open his heart. The introvert will take it slow and take the time to really get to know you before deciding because she wants to be sure.

It takes patience to understand that an introvert is safe in his own life, so it will take an effort to prove to them that they are safe with you, that you have good intentions. Through self-analysis they have learned what they are looking for and what they will not be satisfied with. They believe that nothing is worth putting yourself in danger, which is why it sometimes takes so long for them to open up.

But be sure, when the walls of an introvert collapse and that person falls in love with you, their love won't let up. She will make you know that she only has eyes for you and you will never doubt her love. It is not always easy for them to connect, but when they finally do, the connection will be stable.

Emotional depth is everything.

There will be nothing superficial or "overflowing" about your relationship; it will have immeasurable depth. An introvert doesn't waste his time on bullshit, he doesn't spend energy on things that don't matter, he doesn't worry about what doesn't belong to him, or let external factors influence him.

They don't have meaningless conversations, and when they find themselves in a situation where they have to resort to chatting they can become uncomfortable, which can make them seem unappealing or aloof. But when you know them, you understand that they just aren't wired in a way that they enjoy small talk because they focus too much on trying to make sense of everything.

You see, the introvert is trying to find value in every conversation, every moment he engages with you, because he is trying to understand you on a deeper level. They will encourage you to open up, share your feelings and dreams, and show you that it is safe to be vulnerable around them. They want to share poignant moments with you, confide in their doubts and fears and feel safe knowing that you will not judge them.

You will love someone who is grounded inside.

Although an introvert has spent much of his life quietly watching people, he does not want to know about the affairs of others. They focus on what lies ahead: their own life, their relationship, their personal development. They understand their own mistakes and are constantly trying to improve themselves by working on their problems.

They know their limits and you will get to know them too…. when to push, when to withdraw. You will find that on occasion an introvert can be honest about a mistake because he says what he means.

But they have a calm confidence in themselves. They don't try to please people and don't need approval from others. You fell in love with someone who was always self-sufficient. Someone who got by on their own before you & will do it when you are gone.

Individuality is respected and required.

An introvert wants you to have your own life, not just a life dependent on one another. They value their lonely time and thrive in their own realm. They won't lose their identity in you and they don't want you to lose your identity in them. They long for a harmonious relationship and hope that the entanglements of your lives complement each other, do not merge and become one.

An introvert knows who he is and won't put years of self-reflection aside for someone else's sake. They believe that they feed their soul with their passions, maintain their relationships, grow as a person, and they want the same for you.

Your relationship with an introvert will be anything but ordinary. It will have immense depth, passion and confidence. Nothing will be half-hearted, there is no unnecessary hassle and you will know where you stand.

They will surrender to you and expect you to be just as open, just as transparent and, above all, just as vulnerable. Because in every relationship people show their true selves when they are vulnerable. in vulnerability people grow in love.