What is phone addiction

Cell phone addiction / phone addiction

For most people, the cell phone is simply a part of life. For many, it has become indispensable because they are always available with the mobile phone and can also reach their friends and acquaintances from anywhere. For many people, typing text messages is even more important than making a phone call. Studies have shown that more and more cell phone users are already showing symptoms of addiction.

Young people in particular are excessively busy with their cell phones, so that it is no longer possible to speak of controlled use. As a rule, communication is not about important things, but rather about trivialities. The excessive advertising of cell phone services is certainly to blame for this development. Young people in particular feel attracted by this and always want to try new things. Children and adolescents also often have no real connection to money, so that their parents are left with the high mobile phone costs. For young people, a cell phone is still a status symbol, they want to stand out from the crowd and always have the latest technology. Many just think it's cool and trendy to use the cell phone frequently.

The young people feel important and want to demonstrate their popularity to others. Those affected by cell phone addiction usually leave their cell phones switched on around the clock because they are afraid of missing out on something. People who have problems with social contacts and who suffer from low self-esteem are particularly at risk. They then limit their contacts almost exclusively to the mobile phone. However, this way of communicating permanently destroys the last real contacts, so that those affected become more and more lonely and withdraw. Cell phone addiction is a psychological addiction. To get rid of this addiction, the only thing that can help is the abolition of cell phones in conjunction with psychotherapy. As a rule, there are other problems behind this that led the person concerned to become addicted.