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These are the 10 most successful Spotify artists worldwide

What would the music industry be in the 21st century without Spotify? The music streaming service offers a diverse range of items, from classic albums to podcasts. But which Spotify artist is actually the most successful? We'll tell you.

180 million people worldwide use Spotify. The company that has changed the way we consume music has been in existence for more than ten years.

But a lot has changed for the musicians too. If the artist does not succeed in convincing the listener of himself in the first few seconds, he has a problem. Because if the user does not listen for at least 30 seconds, the artist does not receive any money.

Adding up the total playing time of all tracks on Spotify would add up to 16.858 million years. You see: Spotify is firmly anchored in music consumption in the 21st century.

The most successful Spotify artists of all time

But which musicians and singers are most popular with users of the streaming service? Who is the Most Successful Spotify Artist? We'll tell you that in this issue of our weekly ranking. The numbers come from Spotify itself and refer to the total number of all streams.

10th place: Ariana Grande

The 26-year-old singer became known as an actress through the Nickelodeon series "Victorious". Her studio album "My Everything", released in 2014, also helped her break through as a singer internationally.

In our ranking, the American artist ranks tenth among the most successful Spotify artists. Monthly she has over 31 million Listeners worldwide interested in Grande's pop music.

10th place: Ariana Grande. (Photo: Screenshot / Spotify)

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