How can I be a kpop idol

This K-Pop star comes from Mainz

K-Pop has long since arrived in Germany: hits from the big Korean pop bands such as BTS and Black Pink are on the radio every day. But what you rarely or rarely find the other way around are German talents in K-Pop bands. It is all the more exciting that one of the singers in the band “Drippin” from the South Korean label “Woollim Entertainment” is not only half German, but is said to have been born in Mainz.

His name already reveals his German roots: Alexander Vincent Schmidt is one of the seven members of the band, which only made its debut in October 2020. He is the only one of them who does not originally come from Korea and is even said to be the first K-Pop star to have a German ID.

When I was four years old, I went to Korea

According to several reports, he was born in Mainz in 2004. His mother Sophia had previously emigrated to Germany and met his father Haiko there. They have two other children together - Noah and Ariane, who are both younger. When Alex, as the 16-year-old is now called, was around four years old, the family moved to Korea. There he appeared in TV shows as a child - he was even seen in a talent show together with his father. While Alex was proving his talent as a singer, his father cheered him on and danced next to him.

Today the young singer is presented as a linguist in many interviews. Because he not only speaks Korean and German, but also English and French. Again and again he tries to teach his Korean bandmates a few words or introduces the band in German. However, nothing can be found online about his time in Mainz. Also one Mercurist-Inquiry to him and his label remained unanswered until the article was published.