Is it safer to use homemade makeup?

Canning homemade cosmetics

There are several methods that use can extend the life of your products.

Antioxidants: prevents oils from becoming rancid. You need to add in the oil phase to be effective. (Between antioxidants include vitamin E, grepových extract and rosemary extract)

Preservatives: They are needed to prevent the growth of bacteria, yeasts and fungi. Bacteria do not only grow in preparations in which the only oil phase is. To multiply need water. So wherever, where you use the water phase, the risk of the appearance and growth of bacteria and it “you must” (an explanation of the úvozovek follows) in your own interest to use a preservative.

And now comes the basic question ...
Are preservatives a must?
Yes, I am sure of you.
Most cosmetic product contains water and therefore nutrients for microorganisms, where they can multiply and grow. It is well established that cosmetics can have harmful effects on human health. Contaminated cosmetic products are not only appealing to the eye, but they can also smell and its use can get you on the skin where it takes long to cure from a wide variety of eczema. In the event that you have cracked skin or abrasions, it just can't end up with skin.
Make-up is usually stored in the bathroom, where there is moisture and heat. We have so many microorganisms on my hands all day, you just have to reach into a jar for cream, this is there and the destruction occurs. In warm and humid conditions, multiplying in our cream will be a pleasure. And so even the carefully made creams can get dirty very easily.
One of the main reasons why we make homemade cosmetics is because we want to be safer and more nutritious than the ones we buy in the store. We want to choose what we have on our skin and what not.
There, your product is contaminated or even look, even feel. On the contrary, at the time of, if I perceive you, it goes without saying that it has been contaminated for some time.
Of course there are ways, How do I create the, in order to produce and the product without preservatives. But you have to shame for that, most likely available as a domestic manufacturer. Another possibility is that you are only producing a small amount, as fast as what you are consuming, and it will be kept in the refrigerator. Another option is to use airless cups, that have the pump and no air or hold your hands. Creme Vymáčknete, but everything doesn’t work inside.
Natural preservatives
Include the most effective natural preservatives, essential oils and various herbs like rosemary, clove, thyme, cinnamon, tea tree and lavender. But mostly, each of them works on a different microorganism and they have to be very careful about combining to make a wide range of organisms. In addition, essential oils can act as preservatives, they would have to be dosed in larger amounts and it would probably not be primarily “čuchatelné” and secondly, such as cinnamon or cloves in large amounts can cause podraždění skin.
So it's up to you to decide whether or not to pack and use one of the options listed above.
It goes in the fight for and against preservatives, which destroys the microorganisms in preparation, when, can have a negative impact on our health. But the question remains whether this minimum amount, Our product konzervujeme (usually not more than 1%) Some can have a bad effect and how and when they come into force.
Nowadays, however, such preservatives are already on the market, These are the permissible quantities of Safe and are approved and used in BIO cosmetics.