How do I rank well on Amazon

Amazon SEO: This is how your product lands on the top


Similar to other search engines, Amazon only sees those who appear at the top. Only a few users scroll past the third page to make purchasing decisions. But which factors influence the ranking? Amazon processes every search query using a search algorithm. It evaluates the request and sets a ranking.

1. The relevance factor

Which product does the user expect? All text fields are used to get the best hits. Sellers should therefore thoroughly describe the products offered and use the correct keywords in the title, bullets and product description. Retailers should also store the most important sales arguments for the products and their outstanding properties as keywords.

2. Competitive price and shipping cost

Another criterion for Amazon is a competitive price. This should be in a similar range as the prices of competing products. The shipping costs or other additional costs are also part of the total price. In general, products rank better if there are no shipping costs for them.

3. Fast delivery is a must

Everyone knows it: If you have to wait a long time for a product, this discourages buying. Amazon also knows this and penalizes long delivery times or products that are currently not available with poorer rankings.

4. Recommendations and ratings influence the purchase decision

Recommendations and ratings have a major influence on the purchase - they are decisive for more than 70 percent of sales. But with new products in particular, it often takes a while for the product to establish itself with reviews. Merchants can speed up this process by asking users for a review after making a purchase.

5. Cancellation and Service

After the purchase, there are other factors that determine product positioning: The number of cancellations and the delivery service are included in the algorithm.

6. Buy top placements with SEA

Sponsored ads are at the top of the list on Google - and so is Amazon. This increases clicks and conversions, which in turn affects the organic listing. Amazon Ads can therefore be worth considering. As an alternative, users from outside can be directed directly to their own Amazon listing, for example via Facebook Ads.

If you have any questions about the online shop or product placement, we will be happy to help.