What is the most decadent society today

The liberal “democracies”, an alternative in decline

In his speech on March 22, 2016 at the Gran Teatro in Havana, the then President of the United States, Barack Obama, did everything in his power to propagate the values ​​of the US “democracy” model.

Today, given the inconceivable incidents of a group on the right, encouraged by the outgoing President Donald Trump, who refuses to recognize the election result, to invade the Capitol in Washington DC, there is no shortage of those who are telling the story of the fascist and irrational spirit attributing to the President.

But what we saw now doesn't just tell us something about the ominous character of Donald Trump. We are faced with a model of exhausted “democracy” that is incapable of resolving the serious conflicts and absorbing the great violence that plagues this society.

The shameful images of these days and the dead are symptomatic of a society in its most decadent form: brutally hollowed out and suffering.

We will think of it when the liberal, social democratic neo-counterrevolution comes along to tell us that our constitution is worthless because there is no political plurality or, what is the same, no room for rights, then we should know what they talk.

Let's take a look at the rights in action. What would a right with political power in Cuba solve today? Whose interests would it represent? Let us memorize the image of the murdered woman so that if a feminism along the lines of the Open Society comes along and defends the thesis that in Cuba women would die in the same way as in other parts of the world and in the end, we without a deeper one Thinking about the lack of thoroughness in their analyzes.

What we have just seen has not been a blow to democracy in the United States, because North American society has long ceased to be democratic. The liberal “democracies” are an alternative in decline.

Copying their model would only exacerbate the contradictions of contemporary society to the detriment of the majority of Cubans. Outside of socialism, any attempt to democratize our society more will find no conditions that would make this possible and would be doomed to failure from the outset.