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Fairy Tail WiKi: Tips and tricks to pass the game

FAIRY TAIL is a browser game from 101XP. Game genre: role-playing games. In the article we have summarized tips on leveling TOP players, answers from developers to player questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Warning, the Wise Geek website is constantly being updated, so please visit us more often.

Table of Contents

  1. A beginner's guide
  2. Character leveling functions
  3. equipment
  4. Guilds
  5. Technical problems

Fairy Tail: A Beginner's Guide

What is fairy tail? Fairy Tail is the official multiplayer online game based on the famous anime. It will open up a world full of magical battles, magical guilds and amazing heroes for you.

How to play? What can you do here? Fight in the Great Magic Games with the strongest magicians in the kingdom, immerse yourself in the best events and adventures of the anime together with the "tailed guild", develop yourself, assemble a squad with your favorite heroes, join guilds, meet and fall in love - this world is full of wonder and magic!

How many characters can I create? You can have a character on one account.

Is it possible to delete a character in an account? No, there is no way to move or delete characters. So it is recommended that you create your characters carefully.

What can be done to reduce braking in combat and in play in general? There is a Settings button in the top right corner. On very weak computers, you can select "Hide other characters" in the settings. This improves in-game performance.

How can I block / delete my character? You can contact the community manager or moderator to request a voluntary ban.

Why is transport needed? The vehicles in the game are magical motorcycles of different colors. Players can increase the power source of the motorcycle for additional attribute bonuses. The higher the level of the energy source, the more bonuses there are. If you increase it to a certain level, you can also unlock additional bike variants.

What to do in the arena Here the player can measure his strength against other players. Everyone has 15 free attempts per day. The higher your arena rating, the better the rewards. In addition, players who are included in the top 3 arena ratings will receive additional rewards. In each battle, players will receive points that can be spent in the arena shop, where they can redeem fragments of allies and other miscellaneous items. You can also spend Arena Points to improve your player title and get the best daily reward.

What do daily quests give? Daily tasks give the player experience and silver. The player can take on 10 such tasks per day, each of 10 attempts has 3 random tasks, they have different degrees of difficulty: the higher the level, the higher the reward. After completing 10 tasks, players will receive a reward based on the points scored.

What are star maps? The player receives stardust, after completing the story levels, star maps are activated with it. These cards have different nodes. Activation gives the player various bonuses. The main character uses star maps to discover his main skill (mastery).

How do I use a promo code? A promo code is a special code that, when activated, allows you to receive various bonuses and rewards. You can get a promo code in promotions or as a reward for competitions. The promotional code can also refer to the email with which you registered an account. You can activate the received keys as follows: In the control panel in the upper right corner of the screen, click the "Promo" button:

In the window that will open, enter the received code on the line. Receive your present!

Fairy Tail: Character Leveling Features

Character classes. The game has the following character classes:

  1. wizard The most balanced class with sword and magic scares the enemies. Fits perfectly in every guild.
  2. Sagittarius. All archers have a quick and unpredictable style, they are not afraid to get their hands dirty, therefore they do not despise tricks in combat. With their deadly bullets, you can end the fight in no time.
  3. Elementalist. Unsurpassed in mastering elemental magic. He can damage multiple enemies at the same time. He's a great opponent and an important link in any guild.

How can you improve your character? There are two possibilities:

  • Story levels. Allows the player to write his name in history and meet his favorite characters again. Each level has a battle rating, for which rewards are given based on the results of the battle and compliance with certain conditions. The higher this rating, the better the prices.
  • Elite levels / challenges. Challenges are special battle arenas where players can challenge them to earn Smithing Equipment Materials. The challenge has several modes: normal and hard, each of which gives different forging materials. As the level of the player increases, more and more new challenges open up. Once a day, players can try challenges without loss.

What is anger Every character on the battlefield gains fury by beating an enemy. When a character has enough rage to use their powerful abilities on the next turn, a blue ring begins to glow under them. All characters have their own set of abilities depending on their class or rank. Assemble a balanced team to make the most of the characters' skills.

How can you improve your character? Your main character can level up by participating in battles, daily quests or various events. You can increase the level of your team members with the help of special amplifiers, but the level of allies cannot be higher than yours. When your allies reach the maximum level, increasing their properties will only be possible through rebirth. This will reset them to level 1, but all of their starting attributes will be increased.

What is the fame of characters and partners? In order to increase the fame of each character, appropriate materials are used. For example, to increase the fame of Reedus - stones, shards of Reedus, etc. After increasing notoriety, the basic attributes of the character increase by a certain percentage. Character shards can be obtained in a number of ways (e.g. by purchasing a character that has already been recruited, exchanging cards, etc.)

Why maneuver? Certain members of your team can achieve a rank. To do this, the player must collect certain resources. These things can be obtained through various events. After leveling up, some of your allies will change their appearance and skills. Their properties will also increase.

What is construction? The formation is divided into several positions: avant-garde, center line and rear guard.

  • vanguard is a line of defense, a character in this position receives defense attribute bonuses.
  • The middle line is the position for the major damage dealers. Characters in this row receive additional damage bonuses.
  • Rearguard is a position of support and ranged combatants. Characters in this series receive an additional speed bonus.

Fairy Tail: equipment

Equipment type. There are 6 types of equipment: head, torso, belt, cape, boots, and weapons. Different equipment offers different attribute bonuses that are not limited to classes, with the exception of weapons. High-level equipment can only be equipped with a character of the corresponding level. So don't forget to upgrade your comrades.

The quality of the equipment. Quality is divided into different types: general, superior, epic, legendary, and mystical. The higher the quality of the devices, the more attributes are assigned. However, you need a high level character to equip such equipment.

Reinforce equipment. All your equipment can be charged. After each upgrade, your equipment will be given a level of +1 (upgrades for silver or quality for gold). The higher the level of improvement, the higher the bonus from the attributes. The upgrade level cannot be higher than the current level of the player.

Inheritance of Profits. The player can transfer the level and attributes from one equipment to another under certain conditions.

Wrought. Here the player can forge unique equipment whose recipes can be found in dungeons or special events. Each of these devices has certain attributes and any number of bonus features. To get the bonuses you want, you can forge as much unique equipment as you want, as long as the player has enough resources.

What is a transformation? Converting the device changes the additional parameters. Only devices of excellent (or better) quality can be forged. There are two types of transformations: regular or targeted. Silver is required for normal conversion. With this option, the values ​​of additional attributes are generated randomly. A targeted transformation can only be carried out with gold. This option allows players to choose which attribute to inherit without changing the rest.

What is exclusive equipment? Heroes of all playable classes and their allies have exclusive equipment that gives them unique abilities and various attribute bonuses. With such devices, you can increase the level of awareness by using fragments of these devices. This opens up additional skills and increases the bonus on attributes. The most advanced skills require a certain number of stars. The most exclusive weapons become available when players reach level 50.

Fairy Tail: Guilds

Can I join a guild or start my own? After the Guild tab is available to you, you can join an existing guild or create your own. Your application to the guild must be approved by one of their officers or the leader. It costs 100 gold to found your own guild.

What are guild fees and donations for? Guild members can donate in a number of ways. Examples:

  • Donate silver - the amount of the contribution per day is limited.
  • Donate Gold - Increases the guild's general fund, which allows you to open up its new features and various bonuses to all members.

All players who contribute to the guild receive various guild coins that they can spend on various bonuses and improvements.

What are guild skills for? All guild members can learn special guild skills in the research laboratory. These skills give additional bonuses to the player's entire team. In order to learn these skills, the player must have a certain number of guild coins. The higher the skill (and guild) level, the more coins are required. If a player leaves the guild after already pumping special skills, they will not go away.

What can you buy in the guild shop? The guild shop has shards of characters and various items to trade. To buy them, players must complete guild tasks and receive guild coins for doing so.

Why guild quests? All guild members can do these tasks 10 times a day. The tasks have 5 levels of difficulty: D, C, B, A and S. The higher the level of difficulty of the task, the more players receive different guild coins.

Fairy Tail: Technical Problems

The game slows down. The game can slow down for the following reasons:

  1. You have poor internet connection quality. To solve this problem, you need to contact the provider that gives you the internet access and find out why the line is down.
  2. You have activated a torrent tracker or other program to download files from the Internet. Just turn these programs off.
  3. Your PC is not powerful enough to run the application.

The game does not start. The game might not start for the following reasons:

  1. You have an old version of Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer. To update it, go to the official website and download the new version.
  2. You have poor internet connection quality. To solve this problem, you need to contact the provider that gives you the internet access and find out why the line is down.
  3. Access to the game is blocked by antivirus or firewall. To solve this problem, you need to add the application to the available antivirus zone.
  4. You need to clear your browser's cache and cookies.
  5. You will need to check your PC for viruses and spyware with an antivirus program.
  6. Some providers may block access to certain Internet resources. Check with your ISP to see if access has been denied.
  7. Make sure the browser extensions that block ads (AdBlocker) are enabled. Disable it if enabled and try again.
  8. Your PC is not powerful enough to run the application.

Article author: Nadezhda D.