Is there something called super consciousness

Superconsciousness and how it works (Brian Tracy)

How the superconscious works. The most important points selected and summarized from a lecture by Brian Tracy.

The super-conscious mind is connected to the sub-conscious mind

The super consciousness (also known as God, universe, quantum field, cosmic consciousness etc.) has access to all data that is stored in our subconscious.

It also calculates data as well.

When we have a goal or a problem in our subconscious program and ask the subconscious to solve it for us, it passes it on to the superconscious.

The superconscious mind calculates the facts in order to solve the problem.

It sends ideas, flashes of thought or synchronicities back to us.

The superconscious is the source of new ideas

The superconscious brings us ideas that are outside of our personal experience.

Completely new and fresh ideas that do not come from our field of knowledge at all. Each of us has the ability to see things from a different perspective.

The Super conscious is the source all creativity, intuition, premonition, inspiration, and new ideas.

It works 24 hours a day on an unconscious level. It works non-stop to solve our problems and achieve personal goals.

The superconscious is triggered by clarity, definition, and determination.

The more determined and clearer we are about what we want, the faster the superconscious starts to work for us.

The superconscious is continuously releasing ideas and energy.

It responds to clear and specific commands. Orders in what we call positive affirmations. Anything we affirm positively gets the superconscious into action.

So always think and speak in a positive way about your goals, yourself and situations.

The super consciousness always leads you to the goal

The super consciousness continuously and automatically solves all of your problems on the way to our goals.

No matter how far away the goal is, as long as the goal is clear, the superconscious gives us every single idea and solution in the exact order. It gives us solutions and shows us the next steps.

Again: the goal must be clear and precise.

The super consciousness works best in a state of belief and acceptance.

Creativity cannot be forced. Creativity works best in a relaxed state. The more you believe in it, the closer the goal will come to you. Don't force it.

The super consciousness grows in its efficiency, the more you believe in it. The superconscious will also guide you through lessons in order to achieve your goal.

It crosses some hurdles with you. Mistakes, setbacks and stumbling blocks are there to teach us something. The winners accept this and believe that it is planned for success.

For every setback, obstacle or disadvantage there is an opposite, equal, or greater advantage.

The superconscious does all of our words, actions and their effects store in a pattern that is in line with our self-concept, our programming and the goals we want to achieve.

The super-conscious mind works best when the conscious mind (the conscious mind) is 100% focused to solve the problem or achieve the goal.

It also works best when we don't even think about it.

Try both options.

The superconscious can be programmed by faith

The superconscious can be programmed to wake us up at a specific time. Nobody needs an alarm clock.

You can use it to get parking. All we have to do is visualize it. We have to believe it completely! We can program it to be reminded of certain tasks at certain times.

Don't put off your ideas and ideas until later. Trade immediately! When you have a goal programmed into the superconscious and get a flash of inspiration, you need to act immediately. Develop a sense of urgency.

The super-conscious mind has its own separate computer and brings you exactly the answers you need to solve your problem or achieve your goal, at exactly the right time.

The superconscious knows the best time for you. And when the answer comes to you, you need to act immediately.

The Rationale of the superconscious: All thoughts, plans, ideas and goals that are continuously in the consciousness must be translated into reality by the superconscious.

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