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Which tastes best? Goulash soup in the taste test

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It is a classic among soups: the goulash soup. If you don't want to simmer it yourself for hours, you can buy it ready-made in the supermarket. But how good does the “canned food” taste?

  • Lacroix, goulash soup "Gulyás", 400ml / approx. 2.99 euros (100ml / approx. 0.75 euros)
  • Sonnen Bassermann, goulash soup “Hungarian style”, 400ml / approx. 1.39 euros (100ml / approx. 0.35 euros)
  • Unox, goulash soup concentrated, 382ml / approx. 1.59 euros (100ml / approx. 0.42 euros)
  • Erasco, Hungarian goulash soup, 390ml / approx. 1.69 euros (100ml / 0.43 euros)
  • Little Lunch, organic goulash soup, 350ml / approx. 2.49 euros (100ml / approx. 0.71 euros)

The testers

Chef Ingo Hopmann and his wife and restaurant manager Petra Hopmann

The friends Katja Joussen and Vanessa Zamzow like to cook hearty food together

The test method

Our taste test is a blind tasting.

The test results

Goulash soup "Gulyás" from Lacroix

The smell and ingredients are right, but the taste doesn't convince our testers: “It doesn't taste like anything” complains chef Ingo Hopmann. The soup is hardly seasoned, and it lacks the necessary spiciness.

Ingredients: Water, cooked beef (beef, starch, salt) 11%, onions 9.6%, tomato paste, red pepper 4.2%, rapeseed oil, modified starch, wheat flour, iodized salt, spices, sugar, brandy vinegar, smoke flavoring, dextrose, Barley malt extract, flavor (contains celery and wheat), thickener: guar gum, carob flour and xanthan gum.

May contain traces of milk, soy, mustard and egg.

Goulash soup “Hungarian style” from Sonnen Bassermann

The color and consistency made our testers happy, but again there was great criticism of the taste of the soup: "Taste is zero and the meat is hard," says Vanessa Zamzow, listing the shortcomings. “The soup doesn't taste like meat and goulash soup has to taste like meat,” says chef Ingo Hopmann.

Ingredients: Water, tomato paste, 7% beef, 5.7% mushrooms, 5.1% onions, tomatoes, wheat flour, 2.2% paprika, modified starch, table salt, spices, onion powder, rapeseed oil, thickener (guar gum), natural flavors, herbs , Paprika extract.

May contain traces of milk, egg, celery, soy and mustard.

Goulash soup concentrated by Unox

The same amount of water should be added to this concentrate. It says so on the tin. However, this makes the soup very watery. The tough taste judgment from restaurant manager Petra Hopmann: "Bound water with color".

Ingredients: Drinking water, 10% tomato paste, 9% onions, 8% beef, 3.5% red sweet peppers, modified starch, rapeseed oil, wheat flour, sauerkraut (white cabbage, wine, table salt), spices (paprika powder, caraway seeds, cayenne pepper, iodized table salt, onion powder, Mustard seeds, sugar, yeast extract, table salt, flavors, flavor enhancers monosodium glutamate, chilli, garlic, brandy vinegar, marjoram.

Hungarian goulash soup from Erasco

"It looks like well-browned goulash soup with a lot of meat" - the first impression of the two friends is very positive. Restaurant manager Petra Hopmann praises the consistency, even if she complains that mushrooms have no place in a goulash soup. “The soup has a decent meat taste,” explains chef Ingo Hopmann. The testers are satisfied with this finished product.

Ingredients: Water, tomato paste, 8.1% beef, 6% onions, 6% mushrooms, tomatoes, wheat flour, 2.7% paprika, modified starch, table salt, spices, onion powder, rapeseed oil, natural flavors, thickeners (guar gum), herbs, paprika extract , Spice extracts.

May contain traces of milk, egg, celery, soy and mustard.

Organic goulash soup from Little Lunch

Gulash soup? Our testers consider this organic product to be more of a potato soup. The many potatoes make the soup very thick. “It tastes like porridge now,” complains Katja Joussen. “It's a potato soup that tastes like marjoram and paprika,” sums up chef Ingo Hopmann.

Ingredients: 54.8% vegetables * (16% potatoes, 16% red peppers, tomato puree, 7% onions), water, 14.5% beef *, starch *, sunflower oil *, raw cane sugar *, sea salt, white wine vinegar *, spices * (Paprika, garlic, cumin, pepper, chilli), herbs * (thyme, marjoram).

* Ingredients from organic production

The test winner

The clear favorite of our testers is the goulash soup from Erasco. “Good consistency, decent filling and it was the only one that had a good meat taste,” says chef Ingo Hopmann, explaining the verdict.

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