Rely on social media friendship

Friendship on social media


Friendship means everything to me. It means always being able to rely on each other, trust each other and know that you are never alone. To feel secure and at home and to feel complete as soon as you are together.
This is how it feels to me when I'm with my best friends. The three of us know each other so well and are so close, I have the most fun with them - it almost feels like a relationship. That distinguishes the friendship with the two to the other friendships.

Friendship plus social media

I have already made one or two friends through social media and they are a good way to maintain contact with friends who unfortunately don't just live around the corner, but live all over the world. So I still notice what is happening in my exchange student from France, with whom I stayed for two weeks in 2009, or am still in contact with a friend who lived in Flensburg for a year in 2012. With my friends from all over Germany, whom I got to know in South Africa, I also have the opportunity to always be in contact through social media.

However, the social media platforms are not always merely beneficial as a means of communication. Misunderstandings and no answers are two things that differ in direct contact with social media. Sometimes you get the other person's writing wrong and talk past each other or there are simply no more answers because someone forgot to answer or the conversation is simply understood to be over. My best friend very often forgets to answer me right now. When I write and write even more often there are no answers. That annoys me occasionally, even though I know that it is not her intention, and so misunderstandings arise that do not have to be if one were on the phone or in direct conversation with one another.

Conversations in group chats are sometimes totally confused and confused and it is difficult to come afterwards. Birthdays and the associated gift planning, for example, are now being worked out in my circle of friends via WhatsApp. Some throw a suggestion around here, others stay completely out of it and still others are dissatisfied with the suggestions, but don't bring any better ones and some are already annoyed by everything anyway.

At the moment, situations like these occur very often and in direct contact the conversation would be completely different.
Sometimes I find communication a bit difficult because of this and would rather talk to friends directly or just make a phone call, but the trend has long been towards chatting rather than making phone calls. Maybe after deactivating Instagram it would make sense to buy an old button cell phone. : P