How good is canned crab meat

Canned crab meat


Crab meat is a high quality, extremely tasty, but sensitive food with a high protein content. Fresh at the sea - a real treat. But how do you get the delicious crab meat to Bavaria? Yes, it can be cooled. The term "cold chain" is to be taken very literally. The cold chain, like all chains, is as strong as its weakest link. And if only one link in the chain has failed for a short time, the crab meat becomes a very special experience for the nose.

Crab meat processing

Canned crab meat, on the other hand, is freshly packaged and stays fresh and appetizing for a very long time in the store. Canned crab meat is available anytime and anywhere at an excellent price-performance ratio. Canned crab meat is still available even in the smallest of shops.

In contrast to the fish, which has its supporting skeleton on the inside, the crab has an outer shell. The meat is almost fat-free and therefore very firm. Freed from the shell by trained hands immediately after catching and cooking and immediately packaged, canned crab meat retains its firm consistency even after packaging. And after the cook has opened the can, canned crab meat is as fresh and firm as on the cutter.

Variations of crab meat

Canned crab meat can be used to prepare both cold and warm delicacies. Canned crab meat has a slightly nutty, non-fishy note. The aroma is reminiscent of veal or chicken breast, but is a lot finer and very subtle. Therefore, canned crab meat is particularly suitable for dishes that are quick and easy to prepare in warm kitchens. Canned crab meat can be combined and flavored very well with strong spices and herbs. The classic is the preparation in a light sauce of tomatoes, chillies and garlic, which can be poured over almost all types of pasta after a few minutes. A very special treat is the preparation of canned crab meat in southern states, with lots of spices and a dash of orange juice, which forms a harmonious contrast to the fiery heat.

In addition, canned crab meat can be used very well as an addition to soups. An avocado cream soup, or, more rustic, a pumpkin soup with a heaping spoonful of canned crab meat and a few plucked chervil leaves turn a simple meal into an experience for the eyes and the palate. Not to forget the classic crab salad from the cold kitchen. Here, too, canned crab meat, marinated in whiskey with cayenne pepper and dressed in a light mayonnaise with fresh spring salads, is the highlight of the menu.

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