Who are the twenty-one pilots

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X-YACHTS in-house exhibition, Haderslev / Denmark


... the year 2019 likethe in its original Outsee shifted back. The The man behind this work-up process was Birger Hansen, one of them the 3 greenthe from X-Yachts. Opening times both days: 10 am - 5 pm….

Åbent Hus ved X-Yachts værftet in Haderslev in November


... categories "Best Full-sized Cruiser Unthe 50 feet ”. X40 (40 fod) the lanceredes tidligt on sommeren i år, he nomineret til European Yacht of the Year 2020 in the "Performance Cruiser" -categories. Verdenspressen ...

Best Full-Size Cruiser 2020 award


The X4⁶ has been awarded as “Best Full-Size Cruiser 2020 ”! “This was just a joy to sail,” Sherman said. “A ¬performance sailing boat in every sense — very close-winded. It was ...

Best Performance Cruiser Winner 2021!


… Went into business in 1979. So they have a good, long track record. They’re probably best known in performance circles, so when we board an X-Yacht, we expect the boat ...

X-Yachts Charter


An X-Yacht Charter is the holiday you've always dreamed of. X-Yachts offer some of the best sailing experiences available, we have over 35 years of experience building boats that offer ...



... while cruising. Furthermore the withe sections, allow for a bigger interior space and more spacious owner’s cabin. The models will only incorporate the best build technologies. An example is the ...

Gold Cup 2015


... Sport, Family and the Over 50ft X-Yachts registered. Sibling rivalry in the World Championship race Even the professionals, racing to be crowned “the best in the world "struggled with yesterday’s ...

X-Yachts and Silverrudder in a long-term partnership!


… Stede i og omkring Svendborg unthe SILVERRUDTHE, and X-Yacht sejlere and SILVERRUDTHE entusiaster vil kunne nyde the unique synergy effect, the Opstår når to strong sejler communities as disse, mødes to ...

Racing Hall of Fame


… To Lawless an XP44 Cruiser Racer. Pre-regatta we were lucky enough to receive coaching support from some of New Zealand’s best sailors including Joey Allen, James Dagg, and Richard Bouzaid ...

Meet an X-Sailor - Henrik Jørgensen!


... are the best features of the X4³ appreciated for your sailing activities? - One of the best features of the X4³ is the right combination of a cruising and racing ...



... Boat of the Year Winner 2016 Best Full-size cruiser Unthe 50-Feet PERFORMANCE CRUISERWINNERAWARDS 2015 Sailing Today Awards Winner 2015 Performance Cruiser WINNER 2009 European Yacht of the Year Winner 2009 ...

Meet an X-Sailor - Karl-Thomas Neumann


... kids became olthe, we thought it is time for a larger and even faster boat. So, this year we got the delivery of an Xp 55. You finished the ARC Rally…