Almond milk is naturally sweet

Plant milk: which one tastes good and can replace cow's milk?

"I don't like soy milk! That's why it is very difficult for me to go without cow's milk!"

I have heard these two sentences very often. BUT: There is not only cow or soy milk in the world. Plant milk comes in so many flavors! So let's leave the cow's milk to the sweet calves. Human babies are usually not separated from the mother and the mother is not milked for another species! I think that should be applied to all living things.

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Plant milk: organic quality and, if possible, without sugar

In general, I think it is important to pay attention to good quality (organic) and additives. Sometimes, for example, there is still sugar in milk. This milk is then only recommended in small quantities. Nowadays there are many types of milk to buy: oat milk, rice milk, spelled milk, soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk, hazelnut milk, etc. I recently received two more types to try: macadamia milk and chocolate-coconut milk. The excuse that soy milk doesn't taste good simply doesn't apply. The selection is really big!

Plant milk and taste in comparison

Sure, everyone has their own taste. Nevertheless, I hope to give you a good overview! By the way, the word milk must not appear on the packaging. This designation is reserved for animal products. Usually the word drink is on the packaging.

Soy drink tastes slightly nutty and is not particularly sweet. I like to use it for hearty dishes or sauces. For muesli, for example, I mix soy milk with some rice milk. Otherwise the soy taste is too dominant for me. Not all soy milk tastes the same. Definitely try different manufacturers!

Soy rice drink is my favorite combination. The rice milk tastes pretty sweet on its own and together with soy it creates a very balanced composition. This can be used in a very versatile way.

I like rice drink straight, with nuts or in dessert. As mentioned above, it tastes pretty sweet and cow's milk-like. The consistency, however, is a little watery. In contrast to soy milk, it is significantly whiter in color. Rice drink is usually a little more expensive than soy drink.

Almond drink is very popular with children and adults. This milk is rich and a little thicker. The taste is slightly sweet and creamy-nutty. The almond drink is just as delicious on its own as it is in a smoothie or dessert. I love almond milk! The price isn't that great though, almond milk isn't really cheap. That's why I like to make them myself with a high-performance mixer.

Hazelnut drink tastes wonderfully like hazelnuts and is also really suitable as a basis for a particularly aromatic cocoa. I am an absolute nut fan and I really enjoy drinking hazelnut milk. Price and consistency similar to almond milk.

Coconut drink makes all coconut lovers happy. Please do not confuse it with the coconut water from the inside of the coconut. The coconut milk is delicious and refreshing, especially cold! Also nice for cooking or baking for more exotic delicacies.

Macadamia drink is quite new on the market. The drink is something special in my eyes! You don't drink macadamia milk every day! Is great for allergy sufferers or a good alternative for people who do not love hazelnuts, for example, but would like to have nut milk.

Before I discovered the rice drink, I bought oat drink often and with great pleasure. Tastes very sweet, a little more intense in the taste of oats compared to the rice drink. I made a lot of puddings out of it, chocolate pudding works wonderfully!

Spelled drink is sweet and nutty and very different from soy or rice milk. This drink definitely deserves its own category. Up until now I have seldom drank spelled because I don't see it often in retail outlets. So it is more available in health food stores. I live in the country and we are not well stocked with shops here. But I would buy it again, because you want a change from soy or rice.

Mixtures such as rice and coconut drinks with chocolate, almond and rice drinks or coconut and chocolate drinks bring even more variety to the table. There are also sweet and fruity milk alternatives. Flavors such as banana, strawberry, vanilla or chocolate round off the plant-based range of drinks. In any case, I'm enthusiastic and definitely don't miss the cow's milk.

So what more do you want? :-) Kind regards, Lisa.

Article by Lisa Albrecht published on August 16, 2014.