I am extremely lazy about how to improve

Lazy and undisciplined

Puhhh, except for the smoking, the text could have been mine.

I've struggled with this problem all my life and I'm getting in my own way. It also makes me unhappy because I know that I could make so much more of my life.

Especially when it comes to learning and losing weight, I keep struggling with myself. I'm 29 now and I never really got a job done. I started 4 different studies and didn't go through with any and I am super dissatisfied with them because I am really not stupid, actually learn extremely easily, but just never get it done. I had almost finished my last degree, I only had to write my BA and what do I do? Once again I can't get my ass up and stop studying.

I also have the problem of not really knowing what I want. If I finally found something that really inspires or interests me, I would maybe stick with it.

I feel the same with losing weight. Only that I've made it here before and know that I can basically do it. But mostly I feel like you - McDonalds and ready-made food olè

Hm, no idea, none of the motivational tricks and strategies have helped so far, I'm too much in my own way. If I set myself an alarm clock and say that I just have to go off when the doorbell rings, I turn the doorbell off and think to myself, "Yeah, I'll do it in half an hour". I just can't get out of my skin.

Unfortunately, I have absolutely no tip for you, just wanted to let you know that you are not alone.