Could John Constantine Superman win?

Del Toro's Justice League Dark is part of the big DC universe

Man of Steel 2 aka Batman vs. Superman is the most discussed one DC-Comic adaptation that Warner Bros. in the works, but not the only one. Guillermo del Toro, for example, is planning a Justice League Dark film with dark and bizarre characters like John Constantine, Deadman, the demon Etrigan, Zatanna or the thing from the swamp.

And even if you only hear about the project sporadically, del Toro now emphasizes that we are still on the ball. Justice League Dark will still be written and hopefully implemented at some point, but there are no new developments to report. No, because then he mentions an interesting point: Warner Bros. make plans for the whole DC-Universe, all superheroes and all comic mythologies included. Also Justice League Dark is part of it, so it should fit into the coherent universe. According to del Toro, TV productions, films and other media projects are planned.

That Warner Bros. Has been keen on an overarching one for a long time DC-Universe is like it Disney and Marvel have demonstrated so successfully is no secret. However, so far there has been no clear thrust. With Man of Steel as the basis and Batman vs. Superman in prospect one might finally have got a foot in the door. With del Toro it sounds like it's hanging on Justice League Dark a lot depends on whether the film can be integrated into the grand scheme or not.

Before that one will probably try anyway to bring more well-known characters like The Flash or Wonder Woman into the game in order to steer towards Justice League (without "Dark"). Still: How do you like the thought that del Toro is with Justice League Dark on the extended DC- Universe could participate?