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Traveling with hand luggage only - 6 advantages and tips for implementation

Just in case-Things

Let's be honest - how often have you packed your suitcase and packed countless additional clothes and other items "just in case ..."?

I'm just thinking back to my first trip to Southeast Asia, more precisely to Thailand. I stood in front of the open wardrobe and began randomly to collect items of clothing and put them into the travel bag. And when I was packing like that, the thought occurred to me at some point: "It could get cold sometimes". So in addition to shirts and shorts, a cardigan, hoodie and rain jacket came in my luggage. Plus a second pair of sneakers, just in case I want to change my shoes ...

And how much do you think I needed of all that stuff? You probably guessed it. The first two weeks I was in the south of Thailand. In other words: 35 degrees during the day, never less than 26 at night, even the thinnest duvet was too much. And the following days in Bangkok were so hot that I only walked through the city with flip flops. Fortunately, I had enough warm clothes with me. You never know 😉

The message has probably got through. Of course, there are places and situations where an extra part is not amiss. Nevertheless, it is better for you and your luggage to set a limit here. Much of the "just in case" things that we actually never need, we could get on site in an emergency. And you can also wash a few items of clothing by hand in a hotel or Airbnb.