Can my son carry his hunting knife


Wednesday, February 13th 2019, 6:55 pm


for my part I am still childless. In my wilderness / outdoor courses, however, I work a lot with children and youth groups (fourth grade upwards) and it is important to me that the children get usable knives. Since I have quite a few of the inexpensive Bauhaus Moras and the many other inexpensive variants of them, I always give you a sentence. Sometimes also a Vic Rangergrip. But Pohl Force or Benchmades have already been issued (because Depp had forgotten the moras).
It is important to me that the knives have a point so that the children can do their jobs (collecting birch bark [from dead trees], chopping firewood, carving ... I think you know all of these).
With a point you can just drill around in the wood and try other things. I always find these rounded knives very depressing and am therefore amazed that so many of you are spending them.
Apparently this often seems to be a compromise with the woman.
I would be interested in the opinion of your children, do they ask about a knife with a point? After all, that's how they know it from dad.

I really don't want to start an education debate, I'm just interested in how others do it that way. Maybe I can do something for myself


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