How do some sellers make millions

Earning money on the Internet - everyone should know that

Are you one of those people who simply want to earn money on the Internet to increase your salary? Who are not sure whether their pension is sufficient? Or who dream that one day they will make enough money on the Internet that they can enjoy their freedom?

The fact is: More and more people are looking for a way to earn money on the internet. But is it really as simple as some websites and self-styled experts claim? Or is it so difficult that very few make it?

Google search with "make money on the Internet"

If we google for “make money on the internet” we get 1,130,000 results (!!).

This is a great result and it is clear: earn money on the Internetis a topic that interests a lot of people.

At the very top of the search results is an article by PC WELT entitled “How to earn money on the Internet”. The PC Welt editors have examined the best methods and give an assessment. You are about to learn which are the best methods and how you are guaranteed to make money with them. But before that, you should know why the Internet almost failed. And it went like this:

Why the internet almost failed

It's October 29, 1969. Computer science professor Leonard Kleinrock and one of his students are trying to connect a mainframe computer in Los Angeles to a machine in Stanford, 500 km away. You tried to type in the word "Login", but the computer crashed on the letter G. Only the second attempt worked and the two refrigerator-sized computers were connected. It was the cornerstone for networking computers and thus for the Internet.

Today we laugh about it. Because today you can communicate with every computer in the world that has access to the Internet. What's more, you can do business with anyone with Internet access. Just imagine it vividly: If we stay alone in the German-speaking area, you can communicate there with anyone who has Internet access.

Why am I telling you this?

Because today nothing works without the Internet. Countless billions are earned annually on the Internet and more and more people are realizing the opportunities that are available to them. The study on the e-commerce market in Germany and Europe 2014/2015 found that online retail in Germany exceeded all expectations in 2014 alone. An unbelievable 42.9 billion euros were turned over online, 25 percent more than in 2013.

So it is clear: Earn money on the Internet - it works! And splendidly!

However: Not every offer and every possibility on the Internet is serious - as in real life. But what always works: Selling goods. And that for thousands of years, as long as there have been humans on this planet.

This method of making money has worked since Adam and Eve

But now you're excited, aren't you? Warning, I'm not telling you anything new because this method of making money has been around for well over 1,000 years. And what is it? It's very simple: you just sell someone else's goods. Someone else produces, you sell these goods and receive a commission for them. This is what makes millions of sales agents and salespeople around the world every day.

This method has a huge advantage: You don't need to worry about production, material procurement, optimization and development. You don't need to care.

Instead, you take the finished product, drive to the prospect and sell it. It is not more than that. There is one sticking point, however. You can't go on the road for more than 8 or 10 hours a day, and on weekends that doesn't work in most industries either. But now you have perhaps the greatest chance with the Internet since there have been humans on this planet. Because with the internet you now have an outrageous advantage:

The internet is open 24 hours a day - this is your chance to make more money

And with it you can sell around the clock. Daily 24 hours and 7 days a week. You can also use it to reach customers even though they are not working. So imagine you are on vacation in the South Pacific. After a wonderful sunny day on the beach, you can sit relaxed on your balcony in the evening with a wonderful view of the sea.

You start your PC briefly and are amazed. You sold three products today, each of which will earn you a commission. That was done fully automatically. The next day there are even 7 products, the next day 1 product.

The amazing thing is: You don't have a warehouse, you don't have to ship anything, everything is fully automated. Now tell me in all honesty: It is easier for you to sell products - on the worldwide Internet than this way.

The experts call this selling affiliate marketing. If you ever look at the Top 10 affiliate networks in Germany look around, you will be overwhelmed by the abundance of goods and products on offer there. The largest affiliate network alone affilinet has around 1,000 partner programs with a wide variety of products. Around 220,000 affiliates sell these goods.

The easiest way to start is with the product you know most and have the strongest relationship with. And nothing stands in the way of your success on the Internet by selling goods. But there is an even better and easier way. Before I even explain the best method to you, I would like to know why you want to make money on the internet.

What will you get if you make more money

You may find this question stupid. But in all honesty, you should know exactly why you want to make more money. Of course, the reasons are different. But let's be honest: what is your motivation? Imagine that, in addition to your "normal" job, you are now earning an additional 30% over the Internet. What are your options then?

You can…

  • maybe go on vacation a second time.
  • buy new home furnishings.
  • finally buy a new mountain bike.
  • finally buy the car of your choice.

What am i talking about? You know best what you can do with more money. Having more money also means having more freedom. But now we are going one step further. Now imagine that you earn just as much from your online activity as you do from your main occupation.

This means that you could now quit your main job. And suddenly you have a lot more freedom. You now determine how you plan your day. What a freedom that you suddenly experience. How would you live now? What would you do now?

The biggest gain you have now would be: You can organize your daily routine as you like and enjoy freedom like never before in your life.

Now what if there was a way to achieve that freedom? A possibility that has been working perfectly worldwide for years.

Why not just make money in the world's largest marketplace?

If you had a choice, what would you do? Imagine if you could either offer all your goods at a flea market in a 300-person village somewhere in Brandenburg. Or you could sell your goods in the middle of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, where many thousands of people pass by every day. You don't have to think twice about that, I think, do you? The sheer volume ensures that you may be able to sell your entire range of goods at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin in a single day.

The bigger the marketplace, the greater your chances. Now imagine that you can sell your goods on the world's largest marketplace. By that I mean Amazon, the online retailer that almost every kindergarten child knows.

A few weeks ago I discovered a way for myself to take advantage of this huge, daily growing marketplace. And I am downright “shocked” - in a positive sense - what sums Amazon is currently investing in this area so that even more people have the opportunity to earn really good money here.

I'm currently working on a webinar about it. I will probably present it at the beginning of September. You can now register or reserve for it directly. And I will then send you an invitation in good time so that you can learn more about the fascinating possibilities on the world's largest marketplace. Simply register here and I will send you the invitation in good time.

Use the world's largest marketplace to earn money before others do

You know it yourself: some opportunities only come once in a lifetime. If the opportunity comes, it must be seized. It is your own fault whoever lets it slip away. Assume that you have to study and not make money from day one. Therefore, the sooner you start, the faster you will make money.