What is a pure quadratic equation

Solve simple quadratic equations

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Solving a quadratic equation

A quadratic equation of the form with always has 2 solutions.
The one out of a number that is not one is one. If this number is the solution of a quadratic equation, you always write it as a root expression, since a rounded result can never be the solution of this equation.
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Solve all-square equations

All-square equations are equations that can be broken down into the form. You can solve it by pulling the root. Is, the equation has solutions, and
Is, the equation has no solution.
If, the equation has exactly one solution, i.e.

Solve quadratic equations with binomial

You can solve quadratic equations of form by first taking the root and then solving for x. Is, the equation has two solutions.
Is, the equation has no solution.
Is, the equation has a solution.

Release by clipping

You can solve quadratic equations without an absolute term, i.e. equations of the form, by factoring out dux. You get .
This equation always has two solutions, and.