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What happens when a writer becomes a mother? A very special love story: a mother tells her newborn daughter how she was born, how she dared to share her life with a man (the child's father), to have a child and thus the most important thing in life so far to risk writing. But writing and life become one and the same - while she is rocking her child, the writer jots down thoughts, and literature is created at the breakfast table. This undisguised story tells of the experience of becoming a mother and part of a family and still holding on to yourself. "The best novels are often those that you would have liked to have written yourself, but you are not able to do so. Kjersti A. Skomsvold has written just such a novel, she is one of our best writers." Johan Harstad "A portrait of the artist as a mother full of subtle humor. An intelligent novel about love and the will to live with other people in spite of everything." NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting)

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Title: My thoughts stand under a tree and look into the crown

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