Have you been to a strange party?

55 foolproof conversation starters for the next flat share party who don't "Do you know the hosts?" are

It will be the weekend again soon, your budget is too tight to enter the club and your friends have nice apartments that you don't have to clean up after the party. But, somehow, partying at home is awesome. At the latest when you wake up the morning after the party in the most impossible position, stumble over your friends and make your way to the bathroom. Then you ignore your buddy who stayed next to the toilet and prevent ninja-style from looking in the mirror. Somehow, there is also something nice to hang out together, unless someone has poured schnapps into the only thing that is still edible and there are still cigarettes.

You don't have to dress up for a shared apartment party either, because your people almost know you better when you are destroyed than when you are dressed up. So buy beer and cigarettes and off to the party. But how do you address those who you don't already know? Communication is sometimes difficult with people who understand you, but then start a conversation - with strangers without dying nervously? How is that supposed to work? We have made you a foolproof list with which you can either find new friends or enemies, they always lead to a conversation:

1) "Sorry, but is that my beer?"

2) "How do you know your parents from?"

3) "Anyone know where xyz is?"

4) "Who puked in the bathroom, locked it and hid the key?"

5) "Did you know that sex reassignments are free in Cuba?"

6) "Yes, uh - will someone build another one?"

7) "How about simple topics? Politics or religion or something?"

8) "Don't you have anything to eat? I want pizza!’ "

9) "SPIRIT!"

10) "I would love to travel again - have you already left?"

11) "Do you live here too?"

12) "So we still have, uh, vodka and nothing else, does anyone want vodka?"

13) "Did you know that guinea pigs can't throw up?"

14) "What do you do when you can't fall asleep?"

15) "What's the stupidest thing that has ever happened to you?"

16) "Do you know anything that helps when someone implants a thought that you do not want to have. For example, how your parents have sex?"

17) "Have you ever killed someone? And if not, why not?"

18) "Does anyone still have cigarettes?"

19) "Is there anything else to eat?"

20) "Sorry, but is that my beer?"

21) "Can someone please beat the person in charge of the music?"

22) "Does anyone know how to get out of here?"

23) "SPIRIT!"

24) "What did we laugh about because of the end of the world in 2012. But have you really lived since then?"

25) "Does anyone still have a charger?"

26) "And do you still have the feeling that the system is not suppressing you?"

27) "Which of these six beer cans was mine now?"

28) "Luckily I don't have to clean this up tomorrow ... Oh, you live here?"

29) "Why do you have a mask on?"

30) "When can we finally smoke inside?"

31) "You look great, do you have leprosy?"

32) "Where is the obligatory world map with the pins I was already there?"

33) "Do you also have the feeling that you have missed the instructions part of your life and are now just scurrying around in confusion?"

34) "Who is actually responsible for the music?"

35) "Has anyone else with you?"

36) "... so now uh, because of uncomfortable silence and so ..."

37) "And you like that, are you there often? Höhöhö!"

38) "That guy over there, isn't that Faber?"

39) "Do you sometimes forget how to drink properly? And then you get depressed because you've been doing this since birth and still can't do it properly?"

40) "What was the last thing you stopped with?"

41) "Are you the one who always has a lighter or the one who always doesn't have one?"

42) "Why do I have to choose between having children and a career? I don't want either!"

43) "With whom are you happy that he is friends with you, because otherwise you would hate him?"

44) "SNAP!"

45) "Your death is only the end, if you have the feeling this story is about you ... Are you afraid of death?"

46) "Do you judge people based on their home furnishings? Oh, you live here?"

47) "Which animal can you identify with the most?"

48) "Who were your favorite heroes as a kid?"

49) "What advice from your parents should you have followed?"

50) "So the picture. Um ... yes ... it's awful. Oh, you live here?"

51) "So how did you manage to survive for so long?"

52) "Sorry, can someone give me a quick call? I can't find my phone."

53) "You could really have sex on the washing machine."

54) "Who turned off the music?"


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