What is the alternative to LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn: The 3 best alternatives

There are now a lot of LinkedIn alternatives. You will find the three best in this practical tip. We'll tell you what the individual providers can do and why it's worth being represented there.

Xing: Job portal with many options

One of the most famous German job portals is Xing. It is ideally suited as a LinkedIn alternative. We'll tell you why.

  • On the Xing website you can make your first contacts in the professional world, but also connect with colleagues and bosses. In this way, you benefit from new contacts that your friends bring with them, so that your circle is constantly expanding.
  • At Xing you will also receive a profile that you can fill out in detail. You can also integrate your own résumé and thus have the opportunity to exchange ideas on specific topics within professional groups.
  • Xing is also available as an app - for both Android and iOS devices. In this way, you can find exciting projects or even land a new job while you are out and about.

Absolventa: networking for academics

Absolventa.de is the first point of contact for students and graduates. We'll show you why it's suitable as a LinkedIn alternative.

  • At Absolventa.de you can not only get in touch with other students and graduates, but also with companies. In this way, the site is suitable for all those who are looking for a first entry into the industry during their studies, as well as for those who are looking for a job after graduating.
  • On the page you can fill out your personal profile in detail. You can also integrate your résumé and many other documents in this way. This way, potential employers get a better impression of you and your performance.
  • In addition to the exchange, you will also receive a lot of helpful information on your way to work at Absolventa.de. For example, you can use the net calculator or get tips for an interview.

BranchOut: Facebook's professional network

Another network is BranchOut. It is a real alternative to LinkedIn, which comes from Facebook.

  • You can also make new contacts via the Facebook professional network. Above all, you can build your own network here, which you can also continuously expand. This is possible because you can write to all users at BranchOut.
  • It is also practical that you can fill your profile with a lot of information and also upload your résumé from LinkedIn. This way you don't have to enter everything twice, you can use your CV once you have created it.
  • However, you can only use BranchOut if you register on Facebook or if you already have a profile on the social network.

Video tutorial: Hide online status on Facebook

If you choose BranchOut, you don't necessarily have to use Facebook. We'll show you how you can hide your online status appropriately.

If you like one of the LinkedIn alternatives better and if you do not want to be represented in several networks, you will learn in another practical tip how you can delete your LinkedIn account.