What is currently something bright

Bright glowing phenomena before the eyes: what is it?

Do you see bright spots, lightning bolts, stars or other glowing phenomena in front of your eyes? There can be harmless causes behind this - but also medical emergencies in which you urgently need to see an ophthalmologist.

Rings of light and wreaths of rays

That could be a sign of that Glaucoma be.

Bright, sometimes colored rings of light, Halos or "halos" around street lamps, car headlights or other light sources can be from a Damage to the optic nerve witness.

The term “green star” is a collective term for various diseases. They all have one thing in common: the optic nerve and retina become increasingly damaged over time.

Often this happens due to one increased pressure in the eye. The insidious thing about it: An increased intraocular pressure is painless and therefore often remains undetected - until visual disturbances occur in an advanced stage.

Regular measurement of intraocular pressure can be an important measure for the early detection and treatment of glaucoma, especially for older people.

If the glaucoma remains undetected for too long, the nerve damage leads to failures in the visual field. This damage can be retrospective no longer reversiblemade become. Without treatment, it will eventually come to Blindness.

The cause of the increased intraocular pressure is usually a disturbance in the equilibrium of the aqueous humor. This clear liquid is formed in the back of the eye and passes through the pupil to the front of the eye. There it normally gets back into the bloodstream through special channels. Is the Drainage of aqueous humor disturbed, the pressure in the eye increases, which continuously damages the optic nerve

Large dark spot with a light ring

Most likely, you were exposed to bright light blinded.

If you are severely blinded, the retina reacts backwards. As soon as you look away from the bright light source, you can see a large black spot with a bright ring. That is usually harmless and goes back by itself. But if you look into a source of light that is too strong - such as the sun - you can permanent damage arise on the retina.

Flickering, moving dots and gray spots

Behind it could be a migraine stuck.

Disturbances in the visual field occur in around one in five migraine sufferers. They usually set in before the headaches typical of migraines begin. In the middle of the field of vision then appears arched wreath of bright, flickering and sometimes flashing points. It usually frames an area in which vision is normal, sometimes a little darker, distorted or blurred.

Some sufferers compare the phenomenon with that Seeing underwater - some objects can appear enlarged, others reduced, distorted or out of focus. The wreath, too Ciliated scotoma called, slowly moves outwards to the edge of the field of vision, where it usually disappears after 15-20 minutes - then the headache attack sets in. Affected people are severely restricted throughout the seizure.

A migraine is likely caused by the contracting of blood vessels in the brain. Are vessels affected, which are the region responsible for seeing - the Visual cortex - supply, it can lead to disturbances in the field of vision.

A special form of migraine is the so-called Eye migraines (ophthalmic or retinal migraines). In this case, it is not the vessels in the brain that contract, but those in the eye. This often creates a brief flickeronly in one eye that lasts a few seconds to minutes - significantly shorter than with a typical migraine. Often there are no headaches afterwards.

A migraine is one neurological disease and should be assessed and treated by an ophthalmologist.

Bright flashes of light or asterisks

That could be one Pull on the retina indicate and requires immediate clarification.

You are in no pain, but you can see many short flashes of light or asterisks within fractions of a second? This is likely from a mechanical pull on the retina in the eye and it could indicate a serious problem - please see an ophthalmologist quickly.

Because the train will likely Damage to the retina cause. Tears or holes can appear in the retina, which can lead to severe visual impairment. In the worst case, the retina will detach completely. Such Retinal detachment can lead to blindness.

Also a so-called Soot rain may appear - small dark floating spots in the field of vision. This could indicate bleeding in the eye due to an injury or detachment of the retina.

With a quick Laser treatment An ophthalmologist can weld holes in the retina and prevent them from becoming detached.

There is often a pull on the retina in old age. Due to the natural aging of the vitreous body, it shrinks and can stand out from the retina. In and of itself, this is not worrying - often it is not even noticed.

In the worst case, such a lifting of the vitreous body can also tear off the retina. Then there are symptoms such as lightning flashes or bright spots - in this case is a Immediate visit to the doctor displayed.

Light round spots

It is almost certainly a harmless one Pressure on the eye.

If you rub your eyes vigorously or press the sides of the eyeball, a round bright spot will appear on the opposite side. This is the pressure point. But why does the stain appear on the other side? The answer to this lies in the connection between the eyes and our brain: the images of the eyes are delivered to the brain reversed and reversed.

If light spots appear in your field of vision without you applying pressure to the eye, it could be a more serious condition. In this case, contact your ophthalmologist.