How SEO Technology is Applied to Blogging

What is or does actually do?

The term “search engine optimization” - also known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - has been around for a number of years. In the past 3-4 years, "SEO" has appeared more and more frequently and is no longer only used by experts, but also by many bloggers, freelancers or interested parties or applied in practice. Nevertheless, some still do not know what the main pillars of SEO are actually made up of.

The two most important things within search engine optimization that you have to deal with and should understand are the so-called offpage optimization and onpage optimization. For those who are not familiar with onpage optimization, but want to learn and above all understand it, there has recently been a great tool called

This is a kind of "virtual assistant" that provides the users with a detailed analysis as well as suggestions for improvement and measures for on-page optimization. The advantage of is that among the tens of thousands of tools that are already on the market, there has not yet been any web-based software that deals almost exclusively with on-page optimization. There are certainly analysis systems that also offer on-page optimization, but this is often only "sketched out". Another difference is that does not carry out any optimization measures, but only shows errors and makes suggestions for improvement. With the help of its constant companion, Captain OnPage, the tool thus achieves a “learning by doing” effect, which of course remains in the minds of the users in the long term. has put together a great video that explains the tool with all relevant information and analysis options in a few seconds: