What are the super powers of an ENFP

The superpower of every Myers-Briggs guy

INTP - objectivity

INTPs are the ultimate skeptics in the world. This guy is not satisfied with explanations from cookie cutters, and they are incredibly thorough in all of their intellectual endeavors. If INTPs were superheroes, their greatest strength would be their ability to analyze situations objectively and rationally - taking personal biases out of the equation to determine what is really going on.

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INTJ - clarity

The INTJ's greatest strength lies in its ability to remove “outside noise” from its perception of the world and to get to the point in every situation. This guy sees things clearly, intuitively and precisely - of course understands how the world works in a holistic framework. If INTJs were superheroes, their greatest strength would be their ability to intuitively understand how the world around them works while everyone else gets caught up in the little details of everyday life.

ENTP - thinking outside the box

Of all personality types, ENTPs are perhaps the most open-minded. This voraciously curious guy enjoys studying problems from every available angle - thus allowing him to come up with the most unique and impressive solutions available to any given problem. If ENTPs were superheroes, their superpower would be unconventional thinking and problem solving.

ENTJ - decisiveness

If the ENTJ were a superhero, they would be 'Get Shit Done (Wo) Man'. This highly skilled guy keeps a cool head and a rational mind while under pressure - he is always able to make difficult decisions with quick, rational ease. The superpower of this type lies in their unique ability to make clear, outcome-driven decisions while everyone around them goes crazy.

ENFJ - leadership

Perhaps more than any other type, ENFJs have a unique ability to rally and attract others. Their natural confidence and intuition enable the ENFJ to be a natural leader in most situations. If they were superheroes, the ENFJ's superpower would be conviction and leadership - they have a natural tendency to lead others to greatness.

INFJ - foresight

INFJs have an impressive ability to predict how a given situation will develop for almost everyone involved. While some equate this ability with ESP, INFJs know that it is due to their natural intuition of people coupled with their forward thinking. When the INFJ understands others at a deep level, it can often predict how they will act in the future and what the corresponding outcomes of their decisions will be. If the INFJ were superheroes, their superpower would be the ability to predict the actions of others.

ENFP - inspiration

ENFPs are the ultimate optimists - they see the best in everything they do and in everyone they encounter - and they have a unique ability to inspire the best in others. This guy’s endless enthusiasm for the world around him - combined with his ability to chase his dreams and make them come true - is incredibly motivating for those around him. If ENFPs were superheroes, their superpower would be inspiration.

INFP - wisdom

INFPs are the ultimate “old souls”. From a young age, this type is very aware of the emotional truths that surround them and can adjust to these perceptions almost effortlessly. If INFPs were superheroes, they would be the wise sage with the unique ability to see the roots of all human conflicts and struggles.

ISTJ - accuracy

ISTJs are incredibly adept at figuring out the best or most correct course of action for almost anything. This guy just relies on the most practical ways to get things done, which is a skill that many of society lack. If ISTJs were superheroes, their superpower would be the ability to come up with the most accurate way to get things done while everyone else wastes their time on pointless trial and error.

ESTJ - efficiency

ESTJs are incredibly crucial people. You do not lose any time to implement and implement good ideas as efficiently as possible. If this guy were a superhero, his superpower would be efficiency - the ability to actually get things done while everyone else is freaking out about the details.

ISTP - hacking

ISTPs invented the phenomenon of 'life hacks'. This type is the quickest and easiest way to get almost anything done. You will be able to easily find new systems and quickly locate possible links that are available in them. If the ISTP were a superhero, he would be a 'Shortcut (Wo) Man' saving the world one life at a time.

ESTP capability

In a world full of advisors and scammers, ESTPs have the slightest fear of taking action they want. Unimpressed by the rules or formal procedures, this straight-shooting guy is often in search of his goals. If they were superheroes, they would be a "capable (wo) man" - the hero who just goes out and does the thing while everyone else stays home and freaks out about nothing.

ISFP - individualism

ISFPs are obviously not afraid to show their true colors to the world - this guy is inventive, unconventional, and, for one mistake, individualistic. In a world full of pointless drones, the ISFP refuses to ever adapt. Your superpower is individualism - the ability to remain true to yourself despite external pressure to change.

ESFP - charm

If a guy is naturally blessed with the gift of the gift, it is the ESFP. This guy can easily understand others and offer exactly what they want to hear. The ESFP superpower is a brilliant magician and seller who really resides in their ability to attract others. Socialization is their natural second nature.

ISFJ - loyalty

In a world of crooked villains and fleeting heroes, the ISFJs are considered the most loyal and devoted of all personalities. This unlikely hero will fight to the bitter end for any cause he is committed to. Their strong sense of duty and devotion sets ISFJs apart from the other guys - their superhero alter ego would undoubtedly be the last (where) man to face external betrayal.

ESFJ - readiness

ESFJs are ruthlessly organized. This guy is prepared for almost any worst-case scenario that can arise. That means you want him by your side in an emergency. If ESFJs were superheroes, their superpower would take care of them through their superior sense of people ... which they already do in their daily lives. ESFJs really are our natural everyday heroes.