What is a safe folder in Samsung's mobile

Samsung: Set up and use a secure folder - this is how it works

If you want to protect data on your Samsung smartphone from prying eyes, this will help you Secure folders with it. You can move photos or WhatsApp chats into this folder, for example. If someone else picks up your cell phone, this data is protected from unauthorized access.

At the Secure folder it is an app. It is available on all current Samsung Galaxy devices, for example the Samsung Galaxy S8, S9 or S10. In order to save data there, you have to set up the folder first. The prerequisite is that you are logged into your mobile phone with a Samsung account.

Samsung: "Safe Folder" - hide WhatsApp, photos and more

  1. Open the Settings app of the Samsung cell phone.
  2. Control the section Biometric data and security at. For older Android versions, the menu item is called Device security.
  3. Choose the option Secure folder out.
  4. The folder will now be created. While waiting, you will get some tips on how to use the secret folder on the screen.
  5. After setting up, you choose the method to be used to secure the folder, for example with a PIN, an unlock pattern, the iris scanner or the fingerprint.
  6. The folder is then set up. You can now move the first files or entire apps and thus protect them from prying eyes.

In the case of files, you decide whether the content should be completely moved or just copied. With the second selection, the original file can still be retrieved in the normal way. So if you want to prevent others from accessing this content, you move the original file instead of copying it. The pattern doesn't have to be the same pattern you use to unlock your phone's screen. The security method can be changed at any time in the settings for the Secure folder to change.

Find files in the safe folder

Any content that has been moved to this folder can only be viewed after it has been unlocked. For example, if you have added photos here, they will no longer be displayed in the gallery. If you move an app like WhatsApp into the Safe order, the application can only be called up via a detour. In the settings you specify whether notifications should continue to appear for this app.

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If you want to hide pictures, videos and files, proceed as follows:

  1. Go to the Gallery app or a file manager.
  2. Control the content you want to hide.
  3. You can find the option using the three dots on the top right Move to Secure Folder.
  4. If you want to see the content, for example a photo, in the normal gallery and not in the hidden folder, first open the gallery app in the saved state. Here you will find your picture, which you can get from the Secure folder shifts.

You have to add apps directly via the "Safe Folder" app. To do this, open the folder via the app overview and then select Add apps out. Now select one or more apps to hide. However, there are a few things to consider:

  • Not all apps can access content in the Secure Folder. For example, if you hide pictures, the photos can only be opened using the standard Samsung app and not with third-party photo apps.
  • Apps are literally not "moved" to the secure folder, but are reinstalled. So you have to log in again and you may not be able to access all of your personal data. For example, scores are not transferred.
  • If you copy an app, the app can be managed with two separate accounts.

Both the folder name and the app icon can be adjusted so that not everyone on your mobile phone immediately sees that you are hiding data in the secure folder. Open the folder for this and then go to the "Customize" menu using the three dots on the top right.

In the settings, the Secure folders also hide in the app overview. There is then no longer any quick access via the home screen. Instead, you can only access the content using the method described above in the security settings. This is how you can find your hidden files again if the Secure folders disappeared from the home screen.

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