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Nilgiri in India: Black Forest cake is a big hit here

To meet a specialist in Black Forest cake in southern India is not without a certain comedy. Siva Ram is 22 and has been baking in "Abishek’s Black Fforest Bakery" for five years. Fforest actually spells out a double-F. The pastry shop is in the center of the resort of Ooty, Ram wears flip-flops, apron and bonnet.

A lilac-colored blueberry slice and a yellow buttercream cake await customers in the refrigerated showcase of the café. However, Rams Renner is the classic of German confectionery art par excellence: Black Forest cake, here called Black Forest Cake.

16 freshly made Black Forest cakes for 500 rupees each (around seven euros) are in the refrigerated shelf of the shop, while Ram tinkers with number 17 in the back room so that supplies are guaranteed. The cakes go away like the proverbial hot cakes in the tropical south of India.

Which is quite remarkable, because firstly, the list of ingredients is demanding: whipped cream and cherries, kirsch and sponge cake, with flakes of dark chocolate for decoration. You can't buy something like this in every supermarket in India.

Second, it's pretty hot in the area - from the end of March to July, in the height of summer, even chewing gum melts here, cheese drips away, chocolate becomes liquid. Cream cakes don't really stand a chance in this climate, after all, the region in the western tip of the state of Tamil Nadu is on the same latitude as the Central African Republic.

But in the Nilgiri district in the south Indian highlands, often called Nilgiris, business with the specialty from the Black Forest is booming. Not only Siva Ram has German cream cakes on offer, you can get them in dozens of pastry shops and varieties all over Ooty. As the?

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