RyanAir still makes sales

Ryanair: 13 things you didn't know about the airline

1. Ryanair has never had a fatal accident

Ryanair has been flying for 33 years and has not yet had a fatal accident. The only incident happened in 2008, when one of the airline's aircraft had to make an emergency landing after a bird strike. On landing, the left wheel broke and the plane scraped over the runway. The aircraft suffered a total write-off, eight passengers and two crew members were taken to hospital with minor injuries.

2. All of the airline's planes are the same

Ryanair likes it simple: The fleet of more than 400 aircraft consists only of Boeing 737-800s. Each has space for up to 189 passengers. The airline wants to expand its fleet to 585 aircraft by 2024 and has already placed orders for this. At Boeing, of course. It has already ordered more than 100 aircraft of the new version of the 737, namely the 737 Max model.

3. There was once a sexy Ryanair calendar

Ryanair flight attendants as bikini girls? O yes! With the “The Girls of Ryanair - Cabin Crew Charity Calendar”, the airline raised money for a good cause. Stewardesses from all over Europe have undressed for the calendar for several years in a row. The (provisionally) last edition was in 2014.

4. And at Ryanair there was once alcohol in bags

Today Ryanair fights against drunk passengers, but there was a time when passengers on the plane were given vodka and cognac in bags. The bags were called "Bullseye Baggies" and cost 1.50 euros - and the sale at Ryanair in the summer of 2004 caused a lot of criticism.

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5. There are Ryanair private jets

No joke, the low-cost airline can also do luxury: Since 2016, passengers have been able to rent a Ryanair private jet. With leather armchairs, plenty of legroom and exquisite service. The “Corporate Jet” costs around 5,000 euros per hour and there is space for a total of 60 passengers.

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There is one thing that Ryanair remains true to: food is not included, passengers have to pay extra for it.

6. Ryanair's first website ...

... went online in 2000. And it wasn't built by IT professionals, but by two young people. John Beckett and Tom Lenihan, both 17 years old at the time, built the online presence and received the equivalent of around 25,000 euros, reports "Silicon Republic".

7. The largest market for Ryanair is…

... not Great Britain. And not Ireland or Spain either. Surprisingly, the biggest market for the low-cost airline is actually Italy: In 2017, 36.3 million passengers flew from an Italian airport with Ryanair. 20 percent of all the airline's flights start in Bella Italia, closely followed by Great Britain (19 percent) and Spain (18 percent), reports the British Telegraph.

8. Ryanair is the fourth largest airline in the world

According to the numbers of the airline association IATA, Ryanair is the fourth largest airline in the world when it comes to passenger numbers. In 2017, the airline transported 128.9 million people, only Southwest, Delta and American Airlines have more.

This does not include the number of passengers from subsidiaries. As a result, Ryanair is not (no longer) enough for number one in Europe. The Irish low-cost airline secured this for the first time in 2016. But in 2017 Lufthansa (including its subsidiaries Eurowings, Swiss and Austrian Airlines) was in the lead again with 130 million passengers.

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9. This was the first Ryanair flight

The first flight of the Irish airline took off in 1985 - the airline was founded by Liam Lonergan and Tony and Christopher Ryan. The machine with 15 seats flew from Waterford to London-Gatwick in July and then operated the route daily.

10. A plane takes off every 45 seconds

A Ryanair plane takes off every 45 seconds. On an average day, the airline operates more than 2,000 flights from a total of 215 airports in 37 countries.

As the "Telegraph" found out, a Ryanair plane flies 46 times a week to a total of 19 destinations and is up to 45,500 kilometers in the air.

11. This is how Ryanair really became a low-cost airline

Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary came in 1991 - and made Ryanair the low-cost airline it is today. A means of transport with no frills. He got the inspiration for this in the USA when he flew there with Southwest Airlines.

12. Margaret Thatcher plays a big role

Why was Ryanair able to grow so fast? Margaret Thatcher actually played a major role in this. Under the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the deregulation of air traffic in the EU was enforced, and as a result, Ryanair expanded to mainland Europe from 1997, reports the website "Lovin.ie".

13. Extra services bring 20 percent of the income

You buy a ticket from Ryanair, but that doesn't stop paying. The airline generates a fifth of its income from the sale of extras. The catering on board, the choice of seats, the extra leg clearance cost additional, and hand luggage has recently also cost.

Particularly exciting: if you forget to check-in online or via the app at home, you have to pay 55 euros at the check-in counter. Yes, every passenger must check-in online. And if you forget to print out your boarding pass at home, you have to pay 20 euros at the airport.