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Refurbished, B-goods, demonstration device: differences and possible pitfalls


Refurbished, B-goods, demonstration device. Those who want to save can use these products. But where are the differences and what do you have to consider when buying?

New technology products are not always cheap. If you want to save money, you can use a used product or look elsewhere at dealers. And here they are already waiting on the shelves: Devices with the designation refurbished, completely overhauled, demonstration device, exhibition item, B-goods, returned goods and Co.

In the following, we will explain to you where the differences lie, what you should pay attention to when buying and what you actually get for your money from well-known retailers. We also give you tips on which products you should be careful with.

Important: Whether refurbished, B-goods or exhibits: If you buy a product online from a commercial dealer, you always have a statutory right of withdrawal within 14 days of receipt of the goods. So if you are not satisfied with the device you bought, you can simply return it. However, the retailer may invoice you for the return costs.

Refurbished / overhauled

On eBay, directly from Apple or Amazon - "Refurbished" products, also known as "refurbished", can be found at many retailers. An obsolete product was already in use, so it had a previous owner. The dealer who now sells the product must check the device for errors, defects or optical defects before reselling it. It also needs to be cleaned. Any errors must be eliminated so that the device works properly.

Reconditioned devices can have visual defects. These are usually given by the dealer with a description of the condition such as "as new", "as good as new" or "acceptable" including the respective definition. There is a statutory one-year warranty on refurbished products. Some dealers also give a one-year warranty, for example Apple.

  • Checked for defects, flaws and defects
  • Errors or damage have been eliminated
  • Cleaned
  • 1 year warranty from the dealer

The handling of refurbished products is different from dealer to dealer. Dyson sells refurbished devices in the official eBay shop. According to the company, these are exhibits or returns from customers that have been used minimally. Each product is disassembled, cleaned and checked by a Dyson technician before it is sold.

Apple is giving its refurbished devices a new battery and a new case so that the products really look like new. However, there are also dealers who only do an error check, state the optical condition and then sell products as refurbished. At the end of the article we therefore give you tips on which sellers you can buy from with a clear conscience.

Demonstration device / exhibit

Probably all of you are familiar with demonstration devices or exhibits. For example, if you go to an electronics store and try out the latest notebook, then it's a demonstration device. All devices that are displayed unpacked on site and can be tried out or demonstrated are exhibits. The products are rarely used, and the complete series accessories and usually the original packaging are also included.

With the purchase you receive the complete new device guarantee, so usually 24 months - but at least 24 months guarantee. Demonstration devices can have visual defects. In the vast majority of cases, this is dust or fingerprints. Experience has shown that more serious defects such as minimal scratches are indicated by the dealer.

  • Used minimally
  • Usually with all accessories
  • Mostly in mint condition (dust, fingerprints may be present)
  • Full new device guarantee and 24 months warranty

Tip: If you buy exhibits on site, for example at Media Markt or Saturn, ask one of the staff in a friendly manner whether he or she can do something for you at the price. Usually this is not a problem and you save a few euros. Of course, this only works if it is the last copy of the product and there is no longer any original packaging available in the store.


B-goods are second-choice products. In contrast to the first choice, these products may have defects. This is the case, for example, if a sweater has a flaw in the seam or a new cell phone has a small color flaw on the coating. Technically, however, the products are flawless.

Products with damaged original packaging are also B-goods. But special items and products from excess inventory are also considered B-goods. Likewise, returns that may have been unpacked and tried out for a short time.

These products fall out of the normal distribution of the dealer and are offered at a lower price. This type of B-goods is a clear recommendation to buy if you can live with a possible visual flaw. Because you get a brand new product that works flawlessly.

For this you are entitled to the regular guarantee, or at least the prescribed warranty of 24 months. This was decided by the Essen Regional Court and the Hamm Higher Regional Court in a judgment in 2014.

  • Products with defects
  • Returns, possibly unpacked and used for a short time.
  • Usually a two-year guarantee, but at least a two-year guarantee, except for used or reconditioned goods.

However, some dealers also officially sell other products as B-goods. And here the boundaries are sometimes blurred. There are also differences in guarantee and warranty claims.

eBay, for example, also sells refurbished products or demonstration and used devices under this label in its "B-Ware Center". For these articles, only the legally required twelve-month warranty on used goods usually applies. So you should definitely read the description of the respective retailer and not rely on the actual definition of B-goods.

Follow up instead of buying blindly

Basically, it is difficult to say which products should not be overhauled, bought as B-goods or as exhibits. This should be weighed up in each case. With smartphones, for example, the battery performance drops noticeably over time.

If you buy a model that has been in operation for a long time and is offered as refurbished, in this case, at best, a new battery should have been installed. Otherwise you may be annoyed about a short operating time.

You should also be careful with exhibits. For example, do you want to buy a television? Perhaps it was on display in an electronics store for months and was in continuous operation day after day.

TV sets in particular have a finite operating life. If a few hundred hours of running time have to be deducted from this, you should think twice about buying it.

You can access these dealers without hesitation

Basically, you should rely on well-known and reputable dealers when buying. Here you get the best service and usually the best goods. Of course, the prices can be slightly higher than those of other dealers - such as unknown sellers on auction platforms. But you can be sure of the quality. You can trust the following dealers in any case.


At Apple, refurbished devices get a new battery and even a new housing. So when you buy a tested device, you get almost new condition. Apple gives the usual one-year guarantee on refurbished devices.

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The electronics store Conrad offers a large refurbished area in the online shop. Here you will find refurbished devices from all possible categories. Conrad states that the devices have been professionally repaired. Existing batteries were checked, but not necessarily replaced. Conrad grants the legally regulated warranty of twelve months on reconditioned products.

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Alternate offers an outlet area in its online shop. There are exhibits, remaining stock and used goods. According to the dealer, these have been carefully checked and repaired by qualified technicians. You can find the respective condition in the product description. Defects are also indicated here. You get a 24 guarantee on the outlet items.

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Amazon renewed

At Amazon you will find two areas with cheap products. Amazon "renewed" offers refurbished products that should be as good as new. Devices are extensively tested, cleaned and must not have any visible optical defects from a distance of 30 centimeters. Batteries are only exchanged when the capacity is below 80 percent. You get a twelve month guarantee with the purchase.

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Amazon warehouse

In the Amazon "Warehouse" you mainly buy returned items, but also devices that have been used for a short time and may have slight signs of use. Amazon states this for the respective item in the condition description as "like new", "very good", "good" and "acceptable." When you buy a warehouse deal, you receive the statutory warranty for twelve months.

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Cyberport has a B-goods area in the online shop. Here you buy new products with the original scope of delivery. These have been checked and cleaned and come in their original packaging. In addition to the statutory warranty, you will of course receive the manufacturer's guarantee. In the case of older products, the retailer indicates how long they have been running.

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The B-goods area on eBay is also a good place to go for cheap products. The auction platform sells tested devices from qualified dealers here. You get a twelve month warranty. In addition, eBay grants you buyer protection. If a product does not meet your expectations and a retailer takes a stand, the platform is at your side and reimburses you for the purchase price. In the B-Ware Center you will find over three million returns, demonstration devices, used and refurbished products.

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You can buy various electronic products as B-goods on the Rakuten online marketplace. These can be Verdsand returns, new special items, refurbished products or products from excess inventory. Rakuten promises that the devices will be in like new condition. The optical condition is specified exactly on the respective product page. At Rakuten, you have the statutory warranty of one year.

AtRakuten to the offer overview *

Whether refurbished, B-goods or an exhibition piece. Time and again, retailers blur the boundaries between the products on offer. It is important to always read the product description carefully and to find out about the guarantee or warranty from the dealer. The only thing that is undisputed is the statutory withdrawal period of 14 days if you buy an item from a commercial dealer online. This begins with the receipt of the goods.

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