Is symbol express pictures

Using Photoshop Express

You can use the following customization options to enhance the photo:

Exposure The amount of light with which the photo was taken. You can move the slider to make your photo look darker or lighter.

Contrast The difference between the brightness of the dark and light areas of the photo. A high value on the slider can make the photo stand out as the differences between lightness and darkness are increased.

Highlights The brightest areas in a photo. You can move the slider to control the brightness details. At a
the lower the slider value, the brightest areas contain more detail.

Shadow The darkest area of ​​a photo. You can move the slider to control shadow details. At a
the higher the slider value, the dark areas contain more detail.

White Controls the brightest areas in a photo and has a wider range of tones than highlights. Move the slider to change the overall brightness of the photo, along with white areas.

Black Controls the darkest areas in a photo and has a wider range of tones than shadows.

Temperature Gives your photo a warm (sunny) look or a cool (wintery) look.

Tint Adds a tint of green or magenta to photos.

Dynamic Enhances less saturated colors with less effect on bold, more saturated colors. Move the slider to enhance the colors in the photo without making them look garish.

Saturation Adjusts the saturation of all colors in the photo equally and enhances the colors of the photo.

Clarity Add depth to the image by increasing local contrast. This makes details and textures in the photo more clearly visible.

Remove Haze Removes atmospheric haze from photos. Use the Remove Haze slider to remove or increase haze in your photo.

Sharpness Increases the contrast between certain pixels. Adjust the slider to make your photo clearer.

Reduce luminance noise Luminance noise affects the brightness of colored pixels. You can remove this type of noise using the slider.

Reducing color noise With color noise, multicolored pixels appear in uniform colors. Move the slider to remove this type of noise.