Why is concentration a challenging task

Definition of concentration

The definition of concentration approaches the subject of concentration through the attention required to complete a task. Without attention it is not possible to carry out a purposeful action. About the definition of concentration.

The term concentration comes from the Latin meaning there concentra, which means something like going to the center together. Concentration is defined as the willful focus on a task. This means that a person defines a goal for himself and then deliberately processes and completes the tasks in order to achieve the goal. This part of the task fulfillment is sometimes also called volition. For focus it is essential that a person shields himself from possible distractions while working on a task.

Concentration is closely related to attention

It is also important that a person has a clear idea of ​​what the goal should look like so that they can move purposefully towards getting the task done. The definition of concentration is thus closely related to that

Focusing as well as target definition and volition linked. The ability to concentrate is tested in that people have to work on a boring task over a long period of time that is easy, but in which mistakes can easily be made due to carelessness. An example of such a test is Norman Mackworth’sAttention exercise.

Concentration can be increased

The ability to concentrate differs from person to person. But even a person is focused differently depending on the task. The good news is: concentration can be trained. Tasks that are challenging and varied are particularly suitable for this. The challenge permanently demands attention, the variety demands concentration in different situations. The brain training from NeuroNation is together with renowned Neuropsychologists and is based on the latest findings in brain research.