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Printer makes strange noises

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Printer makes strange noises
maybe you have some short-term advice - my HL-4570 has been making strange noises when printing. It sounds like some gears don't fit together properly and then they spin irregularly over each other while printing.
At first only the fan noise comes and everything sounds normal, then at some point the printing process begins and the noises are there. Unfortunately I had a lot of stress the last few days, so I haven't taken care of it yet.
I tried pulling out the toner drawer and pushing it back with a good (but not brutal) swing - unfortunately without success.
Incidentally, the printouts are still 100% perfect - in all colors and even with duplex printing, at least the few pages that I have printed so far.

The problem started a few days after I fixed a paper jam - but not immediately after I fixed it, everything was still working fine ...
Otherwise, the printer does not give an error message or shows any other recognizable abnormalities ...

Can someone give a tip?

Thanks a lot for this!
Best wishes
TomDrucker makes strange noises # 1979RedakteurTake out the toner and push it in again, sometimes a cartridge is not right there Printer makes strange noises # 20Hi and thanks for your answer!

I've already done it - all cartridges out and put back in, unfortunately that wasn't it or the measure didn't help ...
Any ideas?

Thanks & greetings
TomDrucker makes strange noises # 30 Addendum:
It is strange that this morning I printed about 8 pages including duplex and there were no noises?!?!? Haven't changed anything on the printer since yesterday evening when I last printed with "Sound"?!?! ?? (not even another paper tray selected)
Strangely strange, but maybe someone else has an idea, because I'm almost sure the sounds will come back - and it's NOT a poltergeist ...
Thanks & greetings TomDrucker makes strange noises # 412Hello Pfalztomas
Where was the paper jam or where did you remove the jammed paper?
Greetings Printer makes strange noises # 52 Could it be that the printer has drawn toner Printer makes strange noises # 60Hi,
possible, but I don't know where to look for it.

Occasionally, by the way, in the printed paper one or more thin yellow horizontal lines can be seen across the sheet, with different distances from one another. I find it strange that the cracking can usually but not always be heard when printing, regardless of whether simplex or duplex is being printed. Printer makes strange noises # 716 Hello,
Have you ever replaced toner or are you still the first? Did you replace the yellow toner last? This may be where the problem comes from. Do the following: Print a black and white document with the setting "monochrome" in the printer driver. If it doesn't rattle, one of the color toners (original, refill, ...?) Is over, probably yellow.
GrussDrucker makes strange noises # 80 Hello everyone,
Thank you for your tips - it looks like BCMY gave the right advice:

1.) Printer does not rattle when I set the color selection from "Auto" to b / w when printing in the properties ...

2.) The toners have already been partially replaced once, and now I have inserted a new yellow toner - the rattling is gone with the first attempts :)
It is strange that the problem only appeared long after the toner was exchanged, the toner was exchanged at least 1-2 packs of paper (i.e. an estimated 1000 pages) beforehand ...

Of course, I will continue to watch the matter and assume that this should solve the problem.

Thanks again to all of your advice and best regards
TomDrucker makes strange noises # 912 Hello Pfalztomas
What would interest me: Was it an original Brother toner that caused this problem? If not, please name the manufacturer or supplier. So I definitely don't buy from this one.
GrussDrucker makes strange noises # 100 Hi Marwe,
I got the toner as a gift from a business partner, but it looks like a "no name" product ... Up to now it worked, but I don't have any great demands on the printer.
As a replacement I had a set of AGFA toners some time ago. After inserting this toner everything went perfectly ... :)
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