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The best ERP / ERP systems for WooCommerce

Online shops have a number of processes running in the background that you as the shop operator must never lose track of. Procurement, needs assessment, logistics, transport and storage - the smoother the merchandise management, the happier your customers are. Most shop systems offer various basic functions to manage orders or stocks to a certain extent.

The bigger your online shop and the more categories and products you offer, the more difficult it is to keep an eye on all processes. And at some point the lack of system depth is reflected in a crucial resource: the clerk.

The store is buzzing and your employees have more and more to do. The margin per item sold is getting smaller and smaller. More staff is recorded, but the profit does not increase linearly with it. Costs are going up and margins are falling.

That is why many WooCommerce shop operators use software that can map this complexity of inventory management in its entirety. This includes so-called merchandise management and ERP systems. If you, as a shop operator, use such a system early enough, a difference of ten or 1,000 parcels a day will not affect the commercial department, but at most your shipping department.

The distinction between ERP and merchandise management systems is not easy and each program offers different advantages and disadvantages. That is why in this article we will go into the possible ERP and merchandise management systems for WooCommerce, explain the difference and show our favorite among the systems, Billbee.


The difference between ERP and merchandise management systems

Basically, the demarcation is simple: ERP systems concentrate on the products, their procurement, needs assessment, transport and warehousing. The focus here is on the material flow.

ERP software is larger and more complex and is therefore preferred to simpler merchandise management systems by large companies. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP software is based on holistic resource planning, uses all resources efficiently, from goods to capital to personnel, and improves business processes and cross-departmental workflows in the long term.

For example, SAP, which is widely used in large companies, is such an ERP system. For most WooCommerce shops, however, SAP would be completely oversized. Whether a pure merchandise management system is sufficient or an extension with ERP functions makes sense depends on how big your shop is, what plans you have for it in the future and, above all, what the system offers.

The best ERP and merchandise management systems for WooCommerce

This is where the real difficulty lies: most systems are not pure merchandise management (WaWi) or full ERP systems. We therefore recommend not looking for one or the other for your WooCommerce shop, but rather checking the following systems for the best "fit" for your shop.

WooCommerce Stock Manager

price: free

System type: WaWi

Core functions: Basic inventory management

WooCommerce Stock Manager is ideal for uncomplicated inventory management on a small scale. This free WordPress plugin manages stocks, backorders, purchase and sales prices, as well as the weights of your products and their variants.

WooCommerce Stock Manager allows products to be filtered according to various criteria, such as product type, category and stock status. The plug-in also synchronizes with Excel for easy data export, preparation and import.

JTL Wawi

price: free, with partly chargeable extensions

System type: WaWi

Core functions: Comprehensive inventory management

JTL Wawi manages products, suppliers, invoices, offers, customers, orders, invoices and delivery notes. Individual workflows automate work processes and data synchronization in real time is possible. JTL Wawi offers connections to the common online marketplaces, shop systems and forwarding agents.

Learn more about JTL Wawi's features here:

JTL Wawi is available for beginners, those switching and upgrading and can be downloaded free of charge for everyone. For extensions to payment processing or fulfillment, costs from around € 14.99 / month are sometimes incurred.


price: from $ 79 / month

System type: WaWi

Core functions: Comprehensive inventory management coverage for several shops

TradeGecko works with WooCommerce to synchronize your online shop with a user-friendly inventory control system. It controls your inventory in multiple locations, manages sales and orders, and automates the needs assessment.

TradeGecko offers detailed reporting and analysis for valuable insights into your growing customer base and profits. You can even integrate more than one WooCommerce shop. TradeGecko manages to remain easy to use.

Here is the list of TradeGecko features:

The Lite version is available from TradeGecko from USD 79 per month. In addition, TradeGecko offers a few other price graduations:

Stitch from Stitchlabs

price: from $ 499 / month

System type: WaWi with ERP extensions

Core functions: Comprehensive inventory management coverage across a variety of platforms

Stitch is another great option for WooCommerce. It automatically synchronizes your stocks, orders and product data across multiple sales channels, suppliers and fulfillment locations.

It's a great tool for online stores that sell on multiple platforms and need a centralized view of inventory. Stitch can integrate with marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. For example, if a customer orders your products on Amazon or eBay, and at the same time in your WooCommerce shop, all orders are automatically merged and synchronized at Stitch.

Here you can see an excerpt of the numerous features that Stitch has to offer:

Stitch is also very adaptable in terms of price. Three different packages are offered with an increasing number of features, the price of which varies depending on the number of products in your shop. For up to 2,000 orders per month, the package prices are as follows:


price: from $ 99 / month

System type: WaWi

Core functions: Extensive inventory management coverage, inventory & order management, dropshipping automation

Orderhive integrates with all major eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce and Shopify, as well as with many other systems such as Stripe, Amazon, eBay and freight forwarders such as UPS, FEDEX and USPS.

With Orderhive you can manage the various sales channels, centralize stock levels, send and track orders, and automate dropshipping. Orderhive also offers wholesale management and a robust analysis dashboard to make it easier to increase the performance of your WooCommerce shop.

In addition, Orderhive has a few other useful features:

And that at different monthly prices, depending on the extent to which you sell your products:


price: from 49 € / month

System type: WaWi with ERP extensions

Core functions: Extensive coverage of inventory management through apps, mapping of business processes

Tricoma offers a variety of browser-optimized inventory management apps to clearly map business processes. Tricoma integrates with all major eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce and Shopify, as well as with many other price search engines such as Amazon, eBay and freight forwarders such as DHL, DPD and UPS.

Depending on the scope and function of the desired apps, Tricoma also offers software that extends the inventory management system with ERP and CRM functions.

Tricoma is extremely flexible in its composition and offers three different packages:


price: Number of imported orders in a month

System type: WaWi

Core functions: Extensive inventory management coverage, easy-to-use order processing, and automation solution for multiple sales channels

Our personal favorite among the ERP and merchandise management systems for WooCommerce is Billbee. It starts with the simple, intuitive handling, continues with the comprehensive WaWi functions and ends with the flexible, one-off price model.

Billbee communicates with marketplaces such as DaWanda, Etsy, Amazon, Ebay, Rakuten and online shops such as VersaCommerce, WooCommerce and Shopware.

Billbee offers among other things

• Automatic order import, inventory comparison, processes using rules
• Creation and dispatch of invoices, delivery notes, offers, ABs and labels
• Creation of shipping notes for DHL, DPD, UPS, Hermes and Deutsche Post
• Fulfillment and dropshipping with Amazon FBA and other providers

Here you can see Billbee's own overview of its numerous features:

What we particularly like: The Billbee price model only takes one parameter into account: Number of imported orders in a month

Here Billbee offers a slider to calculate your possible costs.

With the right ERP / merchandise management system for more profit in WooCommerce

As you can see, different systems serve different needs for WooCommerce shop operators. For a simple merchandise management system, free plugins are usually sufficient - but are they also in the long term for your shop?

One thing is clear: the use of an ERP or merchandise management system supports your processes, especially with large order numbers, because it automates the processes and tasks of your employees. This keeps costs down and your margin high.

Here is an overview of the aforementioned ERP and merchandise management systems for WooCommerce to support you in choosing the right system for your shop.