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Pi day

Every year math aces, physics fans and computer freaks celebrate on March 14th at 1:59:26 (pm) the circle number Pi (π) (pi = 3.14159265). Especially at renowned universities such as Harvard or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, the celebrations take place on a grand scale and both students and professors stuff themselves with cake1 and hold cake dinners.


For real fans, pi is more than just a number. It is a number with character, irrational, abstract and yet beautiful.2 Who is surprised that she has her own special day? Pi Day has been celebrated worldwide on March 14th since 1988. The founder was a white-haired physicist from San Francisco named Larry Shaw, also known as "Prince of Pi"known who built a pi shrine in the middle of a room and danced around to pay tribute to pi.1

For mathematicians and physicists, the number Pi is a very special and indispensable one. It is no coincidence that Pi day falls on March 14th, of all places, but has to do with the American spelling of the date: 3.14. The circle number itself is also rounded to 3.14, although its decimal places are infinite.3

Particularly exact fans celebrate on March 14th. at 1:59 and 26 seconds and come to the ninth decimal place. In 2009, the US Congress declared March 14th to be the official national day for the circular constant pi in the US. 4

Pi Day has been celebrated in Austria since 1997. In Vienna there is even a monument near the Secession, which the artist Len Lum placed for the number Pi.1

2015 was a very special year for all Pi fans. Because only in 2015 you get the first five numbers in the US spelling of the date: 3/14/15 and the time 9:26:53 and thus nine decimal places. So to speak, 2015 was the Pi day of the century! The next chance of this kind will not come until 2115. The "Most-Epic-Pi-Day"was a few years ago and was celebrated on March 14, 1962 at 6:53 and 58 seconds - a total of eleven decimal places were covered on that day.5

In 2018 Pi Day celebrated its 30th anniversary. On March 14th, Pi Day 2018, the famous physicist Stephan Hawking died at the age of 76. Hawking is considered one of the most renowned physicists of our time.

The search engine Google celebrated Pi Day in 2018 on the occasion of its 30th anniversary with its own doodle.11

regional customs

How do you celebrate a number? It is a tradition that math fans celebrate Pi Day with a round cake celebrate: Firstly because pi means cake when pronounced like "pie" and secondly because pi indicates the ratio of circumference and diameter.3

Also Pina Colada, pizzas and pistachios are eaten and drunk with pleasure on Pi day.1

Worldwide there are also numerous Events and competitions instead of memorizing Pi: under the name “Pi-Sport”, the best memory artists compete against each other and try to break the record by listing the most decimal places. Currently (2017) is Suresh Kumar Sharma, who recited 70,030 decimal places in 17 hours and 14 minutes.6

Lots schools also use this festival day to bring “Pi” closer to the students. The BRG Ried im Innkreis tried to determine the district number using Buffon's needle problem7 and the 4A of the Lower Austrian Middle School Langenlois did Pi gymnastics, pasted posters, recreated Pi in the schoolyard and came up with many other activities around Pi.8

Many Pi admirers and followers adore it Kate Bush just like cake: in 2005 she released the song "Pi" on her album, which tells of a man who is obsessed with calculating pi as precisely as possible. In addition, she manages to accommodate more than 100 decimal places in her song.1

Memory rules

If you've got Pi fever, you can try to memorize the first 100 digits. This is possible with simple memo rules and mnemonic techniques. The number of letters in the word represents the number.

In German the most famous sentence is:

"How, oh this Pi, seriously troubles so many,
At least learn, youngsters, easy verses, as for example this should be noticed! "

If you want to make it up to 31 digits, you should remember this sentence:

"Never, oh God, oh dear, did you give my brain the strength to memorize mighty rows of numbers, constantly chained together, until the very latest; that's why I changed my letters to Ludolf."

Looking for another challenge? How about the first 100 digits?9

If you still have problems memorizing the number despite the rules mentioned, then try the Pi day anthem - maybe as a lullaby?10


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