What is madness

Therefore, many people destroy a happy state as quickly as possible and with their own hands and return to the familiar feeling. Because frustrated, gloomy, melancholy, hopeless or even angry and indignant, they feel much safer than if they were happy.

Leave the madness behind!

If you have recognized yourself in one point or another, then self-knowledge is already the first step away from madness, away from self-destruction and towards a new and happier life.

Discover the seemingly obligatory desire for problems, but also typical self-produced evasive maneuvers that keep you permanently from a fulfilled and healthy life.

Get out! Leave the madness behind. You're not a chicken, you're an eagle! * So take the plunge! You will be enthusiastic :-)

* A farmer once found an eagle egg. He put it in the nest with his hens. There the eagle hatched and grew up with the other chicks. He believed he was a chicken. And so he cackled all day long. He scraped in the earth for worms, ate grains and fluttered - as befits a decent chicken - no more than a meter or two.

One day a beautiful bird circled high in the air above the chicken run. The eagle looked up admiringly and asked a friendly chicken: "Who is that?"

"That's an eagle, the king of the air," said the chicken. The eagle sighed and replied: "Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to fly so high in the sky?" The chicken giggled and said, "Forget it, we are chickens, not eagles!" From then on, the eagle went back to the usual Chicken business: cluck, scratch, flutter.

Months later a bird-savvy man appeared on the farm and exclaimed in astonishment: “That's an eagle, over there with the chickens! You have to let it fly! ”The farmer said:“ In theory, yes, but he doesn't want, because he thinks he's a chicken! ”

The bird expert then tried for days to animate the eagle to fly. However, the eagle plopped back on the ground again and again, cackling, pawing and flapping. Finally the bird expert grabbed the eagle and drove with it into the mountains, to where the other eagles circled, where they lived and brooded.

The eagle immediately recognized the kings of the sky. But he didn't know what to do - as a chicken - up here with them. He wanted to go back to the hen house with all the other chickens. The ornithological no longer knew what to do, went with the poor eagle to the abyss and threw him into the air. The eagle tumbled like a heavy hen. In the case he met two young eagles. They called to him: "Why don't you fly, eagle?"

And the eagle opened its huge wings. He was delighted to see his mistake. He wasn't a chicken, but one of them, a king of the air. Never again did he think back to the chicken coop ...

Stay healthy and take care of yourself!

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  • Madness - The official definition
  • 9 examples of human madness
  • 1. You are overweight and have no energy. Still, stick to your diet, which made you overweight and lacking in energy
  • 2. You believe that the ubiquitous environmental degradation affects others, but not you yourself
  • 3. You act as if you are hoping that material things will make you happy in your life
  • 4. You know how to eat healthier but you don't
  • 5. You complain that your children are pampered, but you keep pampering them
  • 6. You may not be fully committed to your job, but expect a raise
  • 7. They fear success
  • 8. You complain about stress but seem to love it because you are not doing anything about it
  • 9. You don't dare to be happy
  • Leave the madness behind!

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