What are some problems in my quadcopter

Controller-cell phone connection problems

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  • Hi Guys,

    The day before yesterday I bought the Mavic Pro and wanted to start after charging the battery and the controller, as well as downloading the app. However, when I attached my mobile phone to the controller using the cable provided, I kept repeating for a fraction of a second: "Always open the app with USB connection". I didn't get a chance to press okay, so nothing happened. So far I have only managed to fly either with a mobile phone or with a controller only; so that of course I had no live image. I have no idea how to fix this as the remote connects to the drone when the phone is plugged in, but the phone cannot display any pictures.
    Thanks in advance, you Basti
  • There are always connection problems at the connection on the side. That's why I don't use the USB port on the side between the remote control and the mobile phone, but the one at the bottom of the remote control. You only need to use a normal USB cable, except for Apple devices. I only use the side connection for charging or I connect a power bank there when flying. This means that my remote control and my Samsung Tab A are constantly charged when flying.

    Which app are you using, but I also read somewhere that, from a certain Android version, the DJI Go app may not be installed on some devices when using the Litchi app.

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  • Hello Basti,

    I myself fly the Mavic Pro Platinum,

    here are a few tips, maybe you've already broke them out,

    1. Start remote control
    2. Start the copter
    3. Open the DJI app, are you registered and logged in with your DJI account?

    it should go like this when you've chosen the right copter.
    Had the problem that my cell phone was not supported and it didn't work that way either, had to buy a new cell phone for better or worse, now everything works fine.

    Hope it works.

    Best wishes


    Mavic Pro Platinum