What is the HR software process

7 reasons why human resource management software is essential

New personnel management software costs money and messes up established processes. Why do this to yourself? You will find out seven good reasons and tips on how you, as a HR manager, will become the darling of management, applicants and employees.

Do you need personnel management software that supports you in all areas, saves you time and money, and makes your superiors and employees happy? That's quite a lot. But possible.

The more employees, the more administrative tasks.

Let's let the facts speak for themselves: once you can't count your company's employees on both hands, things get complicated. Software can create an overview and use processes to map and manage a growing workforce. According to the HR Software Report, 84 percent of HR professionals in the DACH region * use HR management software in a targeted manner. 77 percent rate software as crucial for successful HR work.

Partial solutions for administrative activities such as time recording, personnel deployment planning and personnel controlling are used relatively often. HR core tasks such as applicant management, talent management and recruiting, on the other hand, are still mostly done manually, as the HR software report shows. HR departments put an integrated solution that covers all of these tasks at the top of your wish list.

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The most important person when implementing HR software: you.

Nevertheless, the decision to use HR software is of course not an overnight one. First, it costs money. Second, every introduction of new HR software is a major change for everyone involved, that much is clear. In order for it to succeed, it needs a proponent, a driver in the company.

Who can that be? You as a HR manager. Of course, the whole company will benefit. However, you will mainly work with the system and your contribution to the company's success will increase most significantly. Why? This is due to the following 7 reasons.

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1. You will become the darling of the management team

Management repeatedly complains about the lack of strategic competence of those responsible for HR. According to a study, only 17 percent are satisfied with the work of HR managers on this point. Instead, they want more foresight and support on such important issues as personnel planning and development.

That this criticism has structural causes and is not the “fault” of the HR manager is another matter or in another blog post.

With personnel management software at your side, you can meet the needs of the management: You can recommend those employees for a new IT project team who have exactly the necessary skills or who can be trained to do so. They make suggestions as to which talents can be developed into managers and where external reinforcement must be sought at an early stage. As the? Because you can access this information with one click: skills, performance, length of service, etc.

They proactively and regularly provide management with valid figures for business reports and planning. In this way, you can contribute directly to achieving the overarching goal and strengthen your position as an HR business partner. You present the results of your work and your successes in recruiting with the help of dashboards (managers love dashboards) in management meetings.

Your personnel management software needs these functions for this:

Get better insights into personal data

Make informed decisions thanks to reports and contribute to the success of your company.

2. You finally get enough suitable candidates

Today qualified candidates no longer have to apply to companies, but companies to candidates. Spongy job advertisements, cumbersome application forms, long processing times and impersonal support deter the best candidates from the outset.

With HR software, you can automate most of the applicant management processes and think about who exactly might suit you. With one click, you can publish job advertisements wherever your target group is on the move: job portals, social media, your career website; mobile-optimized application forms are linked directly to your system.

Since all decision-makers have direct access to the applications, you do not have to constantly submit status reports manually or verbally.

Thanks to automated processes, every applicant receives a notification from you within a few days before a competitor can snatch them away. A pleasant candidate experience signals the top candidates: I'm welcome here.

Your personnel management software needs these functions for this:

Together with Bitkom Research, Personio shows in a current study: Companies that have a defined and structured hiring process and use HR software are more successful in hiring. View study results now.

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3. You finally have some peace and quiet again (for the important tasks)

Everyday HR life is characterized by routine administrative tasks and constant interruptions. Prepare pay slips, record vacation requests and absences, stack applications from left to right, write references ... and then every three minutes an employee stands in the door who wants to report a new bank account or home address.

What if you could do all of these things in one morning a month? With HR software, you reduce the manual effort for all of these tasks to a minimum. Every manager and every employee can use their own access to the system to submit applications and change master data without the need for a single form. Working times are entered by the employee with a click and only confirmed by the manager.

Instead, dedicate yourself to your core tasks: Finding qualified employees and supporting them in their further development. That's why you became a HR manager, wasn't it?

Your personnel management software needs these functions for this:

4. You protect the forests and your budget

Paper, toner, ink: HR departments sometimes generate immense costs - both financially and ecologically. For this budget you could place a job advertisement on a wide-reaching online portal. It's not just about the files that are neatly archived in your cupboards, but also about the copies for colleagues, handouts in meetings and the monthly bills for all employees. A lot comes together.

With integrated document management and functions for collaboration, HR software saves you a lot of paper. This is not only good for the budget, but also for keeping your desk tidy. And of course for a green conscience.

Your personnel management software needs these functions for this:

5. You can leave your smartphone at home while on vacation

Constant need to be available is one of the main reasons for constant stress and even burn-out at work. Weekends and vacations, in which you can really switch off (in the truest sense of the word), are essential for health and motivation.

Do you know exactly what color the filing for the vacation requests is? How is the application batch sorted and in which directory the sample forms are stored on your computer? That's good, but do your colleagues know it too? What if you are out of the office?

HR software with user management relieves you of this worry. All data is stored centrally. Every manager and every colleague can see exactly the data for which you have set up access rights for them, at any time. You do not have to answer any questions during your vacation (or even if you are sick) and you can devote yourself entirely to your relaxation.

Your personnel management software needs these functions for this:

6. You make tedious processes a short process

The big disadvantage of paper and conventional files such as Word documents or Excel tables: Only one person can edit them at a time. You are familiar with the effort involved in voting by e-mail ping pong. At the end there are ten different versions that you can laboriously summarize.

Any number of people work on common, uniform data in personnel management software. Every change can be traced. Those responsible are automatically informed when their cooperation is required. Managers enter their feedback into the system themselves instead of leaving it on your desk. There are no times for reminder phone calls, e-mails or even postings. You can also transmit data to external bodies such as authorities simply via an interface, free of typing errors and necessary queries.

Your HR software needs these functions for this:

  • Applies to all functions.

Shorter processes and more freedom for you

HR software like Personio helps you to shorten your HR processes. This gives you more time to concentrate on important HR tasks.

7. You make your company's employees proud and happy

Employees want to be proud of their company. Anyone who works for a respected and innovative employer is motivated to go to the office or the workshop in the morning and rave about their workplace with friends. It is particularly important for those under 35 how modern the technology in the workplace is. According to the Future Workforce Study, 31 percent would change jobs because of insufficient equipment.

Online information offers, self-service and tool-supported collaboration are a matter of course for millennials. Vacation requests on paper and dusty files do not fit into their view of the world. With a modern personnel management software you live through your personnel work internally what all employers propagate externally: To be a digital, transparent, sustainable company that takes care of its employees.

Your personnel management software needs these functions for this:

  • Digital personnel file
  • Employee self-service portal
  • Onboarding


* DACH = Germany, Austria, Switzerland