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Bicycle instead of car: an alternative for the environment and health

Bicycle instead of car: this is how much CO2 you could save

Anyone who commutes with a simple 5-kilometer commute to work decides to ride a bike instead of a car (a consumption of 7 liters is assumed petrol / 100 kilometers), comes across 210 working days a year 340 kilograms less CO2 - a proud number. At a Diesel vehicle the CO2 saving even amounts to over 385 kilograms! When it comes to environmental compatibility, the bike is clearly ahead. If you want to determine very precise values ​​for your vehicle, this can be done using a comparison calculator.

Bicycle instead of car creates real added value

A bicycle or e-bike as a car replacement offers a number of significant advantages:

  • Those who ride a bicycle instead of a car protect the environment, save CO2 and show sustainable consideration for their fellow human beings.
  • Riding a bike instead of a car offers something completely different Environmental experience: You discover things in nature that would otherwise pass you by without being seen, are in the fresh air and also stay in Move - one of the basic conditions for health.
  • Anyone who rides a bike instead of a car is less risk of accidents. Two-wheelers do not have a crumple zone, but car occupants are injured far more often than cyclists.
  • Whether you use a non-motorized bicycle or ride a pedelec or e-bike instead of a car: every bicycle can be turned into one relatively well public transportcarry with you. This does not apply to cars - only car train or car transporters remain here.
  • You save with the bike time: Neither do you stand in the morning Rush hour even in the evening Rush hour traffic. By bike you have to No detours drive, but can usually get exactly to your destination. And one parking spot you don't have to search or go to work from there.
  • Ride a bike instead of a car good for the budget: You can save yourself fuel costs, taxes and car insurance. And parking tickets too. In addition, they are Acquisition and repair costs This is usually much higher for a car than for a bicycle, which you can also repair yourself. Speaking of saving: also for them annoy it is beneficial if there is no slow-moving car traffic tugging at them.

Bike instead of car: how suitable is a bike for everyday use?

Perhaps you already use your bike frequently, for example in your free time and as a means of short-distance transport. But did you know that a bike is also perfect for that Load transport, For longer vacation trips and as Family carriage suitable is?

  • With regard to the Commute to work it makes sense to go from a car driver to a two-wheeler: no annoying city traffic and no frustrating search for a parking space, instead free travel on the bike path and fresh air on the way to the office. Of course you don't want to get there sweaty - so how about a little built-in tailwind for the company bike? E-bike instead of car Driving is much less strenuous and still provides you with one Relief of the big cities and the environment.
  • Sure, smaller purchases can be done really well by bike instead of by car. But what if you do big amount of or heavy loads want to transport? There are solutions here too, for example the cargo bike that you can use Child and cone be able to move just as easily as heavy and bulky goods.
  • If Overnighter, long weekend or a full-blown vacation: Here, too, a bike can be everything you need for a happy holiday. With appropriately adapted equipment and a well thought-out packing list, you not only get miles, but you can slow down in an environmentally conscious way and focus on the things along the way that you may have missed in the car because you had to concentrate on the traffic jam reports on the radio.

Bicycles instead of cars: what to keep in mind when switching

Anyone who rides a lot of bicycles should definitely make sure that their bike is roadworthy and in good shape. And if you don't like getting wet or freezing while cycling or e-bikes instead of driving, it makes sense to invest in rain protection and warm winter clothing. Of course, you should also always have a selection of bicycle tools (link article) with you, with which you can quickly fix minor breakdowns yourself.

Bicycles instead of cars: completely relaxed in the direction of environmental protection

Generally it's not about being polarized in dimensions like Bike vs. car or Car vs. bike to think. Cycling is a lot of fun and is extremely environmentally friendly, but especially at the beginning it can be difficult to do without the car entirely and to plan the usual processes differently. Perhaps you will first try out one or the other regular trip by bike instead of by car? If some routes are too strenuous, there is always the option of replacing the car with an e-bike. Or for a move, a vacation trip, etc. a car with friends or with Car sharing to borrow. The more you get used to switching from four-wheelers to two-wheelers, the easier this type of locomotion will be for you - especially when you use it to do something good for yourself and your environment!